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VisCom Ambassadors

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Every year, a handful of VisCom students are selected to represent the school at on-campus events and for tours. These students are our ambassadors — and they will be more than happy to answer your questions during your campus, and school, visit. Below, each ambassador talks about what drew them to VisCom and what they've learned from their experience here.

VisCom Ambassador Zoe Cranfill

Zoë Cranfill

Zoë Cranfill's Portfollio

When choosing schools Ohio University was on the top of my list, but I still had other options. When I came to visit, I knew it was for me because of the beauty of the campus and surrounding areas, but also the people I met in VisCom were so incredible. Since being here I have made so many lasting connections and memories. I have hands-on experience not only in the classroom, but in clubs throughout campus, which has improved my portfolio and increased my love of Photojournalism.

I am currently the Treasurer of the National Press Photographers Association at Ohio, the Staff Photographer for The Post, and a designer for Thread Magazine. I truly think coming to Ohio University as a Visual Communicator was the best decision I have ever made.

Zoe is a senior Photojournalism major, minoring in Anthropology and is an Ohio University Honors student.

Aliza Dutt, senior VisCom major's headshot

Aliza Dutt

Aliza Dutt's Portfolio

Inspired by photography since middle school, I sought universities that would guide my creative mind and pave the way for a successful career in visual communication. That search led me to Ohio University, renowned for its nationally ranked programs in the Scripps College of Communication.

I've explored various paths in visual communication through VisCom, studying photojournalism and commercial photography before finding my fit in multimedia. The professors and faculty members in VisCom were incredibly supportive through it all, helping me figure out which path to pursue and making the transitions extremely smooth.

Beyond graduation, I envision myself traveling and working remotely. Although I am still exploring career avenues, I'm confident that the School of Visual Communication at OU will equip me with the necessary skills to excel as a visual communicator.

Aliza is a senior Multimedia major.

Julia Greenwood, senior headshot

Julia Greenwood

Julia Greenwood's Portfolio

I’ve always been a creative person and I knew that eventually I wanted to enter a career that utilized my fine arts background. I originally came to OU as a journalism major, and while I love journalism and the media industry, I knew I was missing something in my life. That is when I began looking into VisCom. By the end of my first year, I decided to do the only thing that made sense: double major. Through my classes in both majors, I have found my real passion for visual storytelling.

I serve as the Digital Director of Backdrop Magazine and as the Design & Layout Editor for the Athena Yearbook. My biggest piece of advice for incoming freshmen, regardless of major, is to get involved. Find your sense of belonging and use your talents. Being a member of multiple clubs here on campus and participating in the Scripps in DC program have made my college career incredibly fulfilling! I have no fear about what is to come after college, I know that OU has set me up for success. If you ever have any questions or want to connect, please reach out, I would love to hear from you. I am also a Scripps Ambassador so you can also find me at the front desk of Schoonover Center.

Julia is a senior double-major in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism (Carr Van Anda) and the School of Visual Communication (Information Graphics/Publication Design), with a minor in Studio Art.

Ian Kirby VisCom headshot

Ian Kirby

Ian Kirby's Portfolio

I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in graphic design in college. However, I was uncertain of where I wanted to go. I went with my gut and chose the School of Visual Communication, majoring in Information Graphics & Publication Design. This has proven to be arguably the best decision I have ever made.

I have had the privilege of learning from world-renowned staff and faculty who have deepened my passion for design. Through VisCom, I lived in our nation’s capital as part of the Scripps Semester in DC program, where I expanded my network and gained real-world design experience on Capitol Hill. Currently, I am on the design staff for The Post, a member of Kappa Alpha Zeta Strategic Communications Fraternity, and an Ambassador for the Schey Sales Centre.

The School of Visual Communications has played an instrumental role in shaping the person I am today.

Ian is a senior Information Graphics/Publication Design major.

Nina Molnar, VisCom Ambassador

Nina Molnar

I couldn’t be happier being able to combine two passions into a career. Sports has always been an extension of my family life and my interest led me to play golf for my High School team. When not playing I enjoyed watching my brothers on the field in many different sports and it was then I realized I too enjoyed capturing those moments of dedication and drive through pictures.

Ohio University has offered me a path to combine these two interests, an unparalleled education, and unlimited opportunities to craft my skills.

I am so fortunate to be a part of the Visual Communications community on one of the most beautiful college campuses. I am a Bobcat for life and hope during my postgraduate career in sports photography I can convey to others the beauty of Ohio University and the incredible program of Visual Communications.

Nina is a Photojournalism senior.

Sophia Parrillo, VisCom Ambassador

Sophia Parrillo

I have always felt a little outside of the box with my talents. Being a creator at heart, I am easily able to adapt to new skills for myself. For college, I knew I wanted to put these creative skills to use for my occupational focus. I was seeking a design program where I could also learn other media skills that I could use for my future profession. Ohio University was one of my top choices for the school I possibly wanted to further my schooling. I took numerous campus tours of other universities in Ohio; However, none of them gave me the experience of the VisCom program at Ohio University. Compared to other schools, the introduction to the Visual Communication program made me feel like I belonged. I was not treated as a student but as a successful individual. My hometown is Dayton, Ohio and it is safe to say the scenery here is not even equivalent. With Ohio University offering my dream program along with the beautiful campus, I knew I found my second home.

I am now a sophomore here at Ohio University and I have been very successful with my time using what OHIO has to offer. I have joined Variant Magazine along with Thread magazine. Both are student publications. I’ve shot photography shoots and contributed to graphic design, styling, and makeup. I’m currently a part of the executive board for Variant magazine and head of makeup. I also joined the Ohio University Multimedia Society where I’ve participated in networking trips to cities such as New York and met with high-network media companies.

Choosing the Visual Communication program was one of the best decisions I could’ve made to pursue a successful career within the media field. I look forward to future opportunities offered to Visual Communication students here at Ohio University. I’m even more excited to share these experiences with incoming students.

Sophia is a Multimedia junior with a Social Media certificate.

Headshot of VisCom Ambassador Pearl Spurlock

Pearl Spurlock

Pearl Spurlock Portfolio

Ohio University was the first of many colleges that I looked at nationwide. I recall the car ride with my family, telling them, “This is where I’m going.” I felt at home in Athens from my first day here, and my fondness for the community here has only continued to grow.

Something I love about VisCom is the peer mentorship. Older students have taken me under their wings and have been there for me when I needed help. They have helped me find opportunities on campus, taught me about camera equipment, and sat down with me for photo critiques.

My professors also have gone above and beyond to help us learn. They’ve stayed after class for as long as we needed. We were encouraged to meet with them if we needed advice about anything.

I take pictures for several publications on campus, including The Post and Backdrop magazine.

Pearl is a senior Photojournalism major and is an Ohio University Honors student.

Megan Vanvlack, VisCom Ambassador

Megan Vanvlack

After visiting other colleges around Ohio, I finally got to Ohio University and immediately fell in love with the campus and Athens as a whole. Since joining VisCom, I’ve had the chance to really get to know the area and the people in it through different projects and assignments, which has been really rewarding.

I also appreciate that being in the VisCom program has provided a closer experience with professors and other students than you might find in other programs. I have made plenty of great connections and been provided with many interesting opportunities through VisCom. I have really enjoyed my education in this program.

I also love participating in the student organizations offered on campus. I am the current Treasurer of the National Press Photographers Association at Ohio University, the Staff Photographer of The Post, a member of the Gallery Committee, and a new member of Backdrop Magazine!

Megan is a Photojournalism senior also pursuing a Studio Art minor.