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Transfer Students / Undergraduate

The School of Visual Communication will consider transfer students, both from within the school (changing majors) and from outside the school, only when openings are available. As a selective admission program, there are a limited number of seats available in each sequence.

Transferring from outside VisCom

The following policy has been established by the School of Visual Communication as a means of selecting the best-qualified students for the program. Depending on the major, students transferring with over 60 hours of credit will find it difficult to complete the school’s curriculum in two additional years. 

The transfer interview

All students seeking to transfer into the School of Visual Communication must be interviewed by the school faculty. During this interview, students must have available a copy of their DARS or transcript, a resume, and a portfolio (examples of some of your creative work).

The GPA requirement: You are expected to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher at the time of transfer. If your GPA is lower, you MUST submit a letter of explanation for the faculty to consider with your DARS.

The portfolio review/interview: The School of Visual Communication requires a portfolio review for admission to the program. For information regarding what this entails, please check out this link 

Scheduling a portfolio review/interview: If you are interested in applying to transfer to the School of Visual Communication, you can schedule a portfolio review with one of the school's professors by contacting Scripps College of Communication Administrator Marlene Shostak at

Professional course grade requirement: The School of Visual Communication has a professional grade requirement of a C or better in all courses that are major specific requirements. Failing to get a C or better requires the course to be retaken. The school only allows professional courses to be taken twice.

Download the School of Visual Communication Professional Course Grade Requirement Policy

For more information about transferring or the status of transfer openings, send an email to Prof. Timothy Goheen at

Changing majors within VisCom

Students changing majors within the VisCom program might find it difficult to finish in four years. Interested students should discuss their plans with their adviser and provide a written request to the school’s faculty.

A request to change your sequence will only be considered in the eighth week of the term. Students are highly encouraged to talk to their advisors prior to this time.

Requests will be reviewed by all VisCom faculty. Consideration of transfer is based on available openings in the requested major and previous academic performance.

For more information about changing majors within the School of Visual Communication, send an email to Prof. Timothy Goheen at