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School of Visual Communication Portfolio Review

What is a Portfolio Review?

The School of Visual Communication requires a portfolio review for admission to the program. During your portfolio review, we would like to learn more about your creative process and review any examples of creative work you can provide. While we would like to see examples of your work, we also want to talk with you about your goals and be sure this is the right program for you. This is also an opportunity for you to learn about us!

Schedule a Portfolio Review 

Fall 2022 applications should email the School of Visual Communication to schedule a portfolio review.

Schedule a Portfolio Review

Preparing for Your Portfolio Review

Put simply, your portfolio is a collection of examples of your creative work.

Our faculty would like to see examples of your work, if available. This is not a critique of your work, so there are no strict guidelines for what to include. It can be in any form you wish (even ceramics), as it's meant simply to give us an idea of your creative process and career goals to help us determine which of our majors best suits you. Past portfolios/examples of work have included these items:

  • Photographs
  • Work from school newspapers and yearbooks
  • Artwork done for classes and workshops
  • Posters
  • Personal websites

If you have questions about how to prepare your portfolio, please email the School of Visual Communication.