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Masters Project

VisCom Masters projects

The Masters Project is the culmination of study in visual communication in the Master of Arts program and must include a significant visual component related to a student’s studies. Students conceptualize, research, propose, produce, and defend a project of their choice with the guidance and approval of a graduate committee. This can be done while taking courses, or after coursework completion within six years from starting the M.A. program. 

With the guidance of a Masters project committee of students' choosing, the outcomes of projects can take many different forms, including books, data visualizations, UX case studies, gallery shows, short documentary films, and interactive stories.


The Requirements

Master of Arts (M.A.) students have six years from the start of their graduate program to successfully complete, defend and submit their Masters project. Beyond the six-year timeline, students must apply for readmission to the programQuestions? Contact 

As part of degree requirements, all M.A. students must take a minimum of 5, and not to exceed 15, Masters project hours (VICO 6960) during their studies, in addition to their track requirements/30 course-credit hours. Students must also be registered for at least 1 credit hour at Ohio University in the semester of their defense. In their final semester at Ohio University, whether defending the Masters project or completing coursework, students must apply for graduation to receive their degree.

The Project Process

As you plan your project you should consider what form of presentation will best communicate the information you have gathered and the knowledge you have gained through the course of your investigation. Your personal skills, interest and long-range goals will ultimately be important considerations.

There are a series of steps to go from project proposal to final submission:

  1. Select a topic: Determine a project question and discuss your idea with a faculty member.
  2. Write a proposal draft: Download the proposal template to use as a guide when researching your topic and planning a potential format and timeline.
  3. Select your committee: Find a faculty member to chair your committee, and also seek other members by request. A committee must be at least three faculty members, and while the chair must reside within the School of Visual Communication, the other members may be from across Ohio University. 
  4. Produce your work: Working in close communication with your chair, continue the process of creating your project, seeking feedback at appropriate points.
  5. Review your progress: When you reach the 60-75 percent progress level, check in with your chair and other committee members for feedback, to ensure you’re on track. 
  6. Schedule defense: After checking in with your chair, schedule a defense with your committee at least four weeks prior to the end of the semester, and submit your project to your committee for review at least two weeks prior to defense.
    • You must be registered for at least 1 credit hour in the semester of your defense.
    • If already completed coursework and returning to defend, be sure to apply for graduation by the university’s deadline
  7. Hand in your project: Deliver copies of your project to the School of Visual Communication office in Schoonover Center 250, including any required changes as determined by your committee at your defense. Consult with your committee about the number of final copies you will need to turn in.

Masters Project / Masters Proposal deadlines

Questions? Please contact Graduate Director Stan Alost,