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Financial Support (Graduate)

Financial Support

The School of Visual Communication awards a limited number of graduate recruitment scholarshipsgraduate assistantships, teaching assistantships, and helps place some students in campus work-study positions related to their field of study and expertise.

Graduate Recruitment Scholarships (GRS) cover:

  • full-tuition support of 18 hours of coursework (minus $975) for each supported semester
  • non-resident fees
  • $975 stipend for working 5 hours/week in a VisCom position

Graduate Assistantships/Teaching Assistantships cover:

  • full-tuition support of 18 hours of coursework for each semester supported
  • non-resident fees
  • modest stipends in exchange for student work in support of the school or university mission. This may be in graduate student photography/design positions in various departments, or as a TA for a course. 

Selection for GA/TA positions and GRS funding is competitive, based upon skills, performance, and availability of open positions/funding. General fees, health insurance and other expenses are not covered. You must maintain a 3.0 GPA, meet the required levels of course registration and maintain quality position performance to retain support.

Applying for VisCom positions / funding

Most positions are coordinated through VisCom in partnership with various departments across campus. Positions are placed via skillset, availability, and performance. There is no special application. Students may also independently seek out other campus work opportunities.

Questions? Please contact Graduate Director Stan Alost,

Cost of attendance

Current tuition and fees can be found on the Ohio University Bursar's site.
Additional information about living and student expenses, as well as information for international students, can be found at Financial Support information by the Graduate College.

Other financial aid

In addition, students are eligible for traditional financial aid through the Ohio University Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships. To be considered, mark the appropriate item on the application for graduate admission.

To apply online, go to Graduate Service’s Online Application System.


The School of Visual Communication also offers scholarships for sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students. These scholarships require an application are awarded during the spring semester, with applications due early Spring. Information is sent out via email, and scholarship applications are available in the office of the School of Visual Communication, Schoonover 250, or via email.

Completed applications must be printed and submitted in the Spring semester to Prof. Sam Girton (, Schoonover 262.

Additional scholarships and research grants are available from the university and various institutions or professional organizations. Information on these is discussed in courses, organizational meetings, outside information, and research through Ohio University's research funding resources.