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Waitlisting is available for some classes at Ohio University and those are identified in Course Offerings.

By joining a waitlist, you acknowledge you might be enrolled in that class without further notification, as well as your obligation to pay any fees resulting in your registration in the class. Being on a waitlist means that you are on a list of students who will be enrolled automatically in a class if seats become available and you meet all other requirements, i.e., not enrolled in another section of the same course that does not allow multiple enrollments in the same semester; do not have a time conflict with a class you are enrolled in; instructor permission is not required.  

Being on a waitlist does not mean you will necessarily be enrolled in the class.

To get on a waitlist for a class, check the box "Waitlist if class is full" before adding the class to your shopping cart. After that, when you attempt to register for the class, you will be placed on the waitlist automatically if the class is full and you meet the requisites for the class.  If seats become available and you meet all other requirements, you will be automatically enrolled into the class. You will also receive an email confirmation of the class being added to your semester schedule.

How to Enroll into A Waitlist (video)

Please see the Waitlisting FAQ for more information.