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Secure Upload Portal Troubleshooting


Can students load all Registrar documents in the secure portal?

  • Yes, even ones that contain personally identifiable information (SSN, DOB, etc.)

How can I tell if the document went through?

  • After uploading a document, choose submit and you will be directed to a confirmation web page with helpful information related to the services we offer. Please allow 2 – 3 business days for review of any documents uploaded.

What browsers are supported?

  • Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox are supported.

Can parents upload documents?

  • No, students must log on using their OU log on information. This will ensure that the correct PID number is attached to the documents when received. Those that do not have access will have the following image appear on their screen and not change:
    Upload Document Message

Can students load multiple documents at the same time?

  • Yes, students can load multiple forms before submitting. They will need to click on the upload button, select document, then repeat for each document.

Can I load documents from the web or zip files?

  • Documents directly from a website and documents saved as a zip files are an unsupported file type and cannot be loaded. You will first need to download and save the document to your computer as a supported file type such as a PDF. The saved file can then be uploaded to the Secure Upload Portal.

Can I use my phone to load documents?

  • The Secure Upload Portal is compatible with mobile devices. However, you will not be able to upload pictures from your cell phone.

What do I do if I continue to receive errors messages?

  • The browser, device, or document may be incompatible with the Portal.  Utilize a different browser or device to submit the information.  Saving the document alternative format can also aid with formatting issues.  If you continue to have issues, students can submit their documents with their PID number via fax (740-593-0216) or by mail to:  Office of the University Registrar, Chubb Hall 115, 1 Ohio University Drive, Athens, OH  45701