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IM Leagues

Intramural sports registration is managed using an online platform called IMLeagues.  This is where participants will register for teams, receive game schedules, view individual sport rules, and track their teams’ scores throughout the year.  Create an account by going to and be sure to use your OHIO email so your account can be approved as soon as possible, and you can be on your way to becoming an intramural sports champion!

Leagues - Consist of 5 weeks of games, either competitive (3 weeks of round robin and two weeks of playoffs) or recreational (5 weeks of round robin, no playoffs).

Events - Either a single day or over a weekend, typically ran as a tournament.

Registration Periods and Sports Offered

Registration opens at midnight on the first date listed and closes at 12:00 p.m. (noon) on the last date listed. Individuals can register for our offerings below by visiting An individual or team will be have their team name approved and confirmed by the Intramural Sports Office.

Fall 1
Fall 2
Spring 1
Spring 2

Registration Dates

August 21 - September 14

October 9 - October 26

January 8 - January 25

March 4 - March 21

Dates of Play (Leagues)

September 18 - October 19

October 30 - December 7

January 29 – February 29

March 25 - April 25


2v2 Sand Volleyball, 7v7 Soccer, Softball, Disc Golf

3v3 Basketball, 4v4 Mini Soccer, 7v7 Flag Football 

5v5 Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Volleyball

11v11 Soccer, 4v4 Flag Football, 4v4 Sand Volleyball, Tennis (singles and doubles)

Events - Spring dates are subject to change

Golf - October 10


Preseason Basketball Tournament - January 20-21

Cornhole - February 20

Golf - April 11

Canoe Battleship - April 21

*Note: Registration may stay open longer on a sport-by-sport basis if leagues do not fill. 

To register for Intramural Sports, visit and log in using your OHIO email. 

Registration Fees

Fall 2 

Leagues Competitive Price (per team) Recreational Price (per team)
4v4 Mini Soccer $40 $20
3v3 Basketball $30 $20
7v7 Flag Football $50 $30
Events Price Per Player
N/A - Spring will have more $5


Looking for a Team? Join a Free Agent Team

Interested in playing IM sports, but don't have a team to play on? Please call the Competitive Sports office at 740-593-9927 or email

Am I Eligible to Play?

Fall / Spring Sessions
All students currently enrolled at Ohio University (Athens campus) are eligible to participate until they no longer meet the rules of eligibility. Faculty and staff members employed at Ohio University (Athens campus) can purchase an Intramural Sports Pass to be eligible to participate.

How Many Teams Can I Play on?
An individual may participate on an unlimited number of appropriate men's or women's teams and an unlimited number of coed standard and open teams in the same sport during the regular season.

League Sports and Structure

League Types

Each weekly league has varying options for participants to choose from.  Participants may choose to play in Men’s, Women’s, Coed, or Open leagues, as well as Competitive and Recreational versions of each (for example, “Men’s – Competitive” or “Men’s – Recreational”).  Gender eligibility for each participant is based on participants’ gender identity selected on their IMLeagues profile.

Recreational vs. Competitive

Recreational leagues are for teams who just want to play the sport in a more relaxed environment.  Teams will be scheduled for five games with no playoff or championship at the end of the season.  Competitive leagues have a three-game regular season followed by a single-elimination playoff to determine a league champion.  Teams in both recreational and competitive leagues must show up to games and display consistently good sportsmanship to maintain eligibility for competition.


Men’s leagues are open to teams consisting of participants who identify as male or gender non-conforming.


Women’s leagues are open to teams consisting of participants who identify as female or gender non-conforming.


Coed leagues have certain gender ratios to be represented on the court or field at a time, and may have adjusted rules based on gender to encourage shared participation.


Open leagues have no gender or gender ratio requirements or altered rules.

Reinstatement Information for Each League

With all events being tournaments with brackets, individuals or duos who do not show up for their games will either be eliminated (in single-elimination tournaments) or moved to the losing side of the bracket (in double-elimination tournaments). There will not be a reinstatement process for the fall semester.  



All one-day and week-long offerings will consist of bracket play. Each sport will differ between single or double elimination.  

Contact Information

The Intramural Sports office is located in 140 Ping Center. The office is currently closed and all questions can be asked via email at or by calling the phone number below. 

Fall And Spring Semester Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday, 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Office is open the first day of classes through the last day of finals week

Intramural Office: (740) 593-9927