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Intramural Events

Intramural Special Events

Registration opens at midnight on the first date listed and closes at 12:00 p.m. on the last date listed. Individuals can register for our offerings below by visiting IMLeagues.com. An individual or team will be have their team name approved and confirmed by the Intramural Sports Office. 


Registration Dates

August 20 –
September 16

October 4 – October 21

January 4 – January 20

February 28 – March 17

Dates of Play (Leagues)

September 19 – October 16

October 24 – December 3

January 23 –
February 26

March 20 – April 22

Leagues - five weeks or games, recreational round robin or competitive round robin with tournament

4v4 Mini Soccer
Ultimate Frisbee
2v2 Sand Volleyball

4v4 Flag Football, 7v7 Soccer, 3v3 Basketball, Disc Golf

5v5 Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Volleyball, Floor Hockey, Broomball

11v11 Soccer, 7v7 Flag Football, 4v4 Sand Volleyball, Tennis (singles and doubles)

Events - one day or weekend, typically tournament-style

Drop-in Lawn Games, Badminton, Water Volleyball, Pickleball

Mini Soccer, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, 2v2 Sand Volleyball, Dodgeball

Preseason Basketball Tournament, “Campus Rec Combine,” Innertube Water Polo, Basketball All-Star Weekend

Disc Golf, Handball, Lawn Games, Golf

Click Here to sign into your IMLeagues and register now! When you get to the Ohio University IMLeagues page, you will be able to click on Intramural Sports and find all of the sports listed above. Find your sport, fill out the registration info, and you’re good to go! Please email Ian Roberts (ir318420@ohio.edu) if you have any questions or difficulties signing up.