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Registration Information

Registration Periods and Sports Offered

Looking For a Team? Join a Free Agent Team

Officiating Sessions

Am I Eligible to Play?

League Sports and Structure

Reinstatement Information for Each League


Contact Information


For all of your registration needs, visit www.IMLeagues.com!


Intramural Sports Membership (Needed to Play)

All students will need to purchase a Intramural Sports Membership in order to participate. Each pass allows the student to play on as many teams, in as many sports for the duration of the membership.

  1. Annual Membershi p - $30; Can play on as many teams as you want for the school year.
  2. Fall Semester Membership - $20; Can play on as many teams as you want for the semester.
  3. Fall 1 Membership - $15; Can play on as many teams as you want for the season.

For instructions on purchasing an Intramural Sports membership, please view this .pdf.  

To purchase your pass, visit www.IMLeagues.com  and login using your OHIO email. 


Registration Periods and Sports Offered

Registration opens at midnight on the first date listed and closes at 5 p.m. on the last date listed. Individuals can register for an individual IM Sports pass with your OHIO ID on IMLeagues.com. You can purchase a season, semester, or annual IM Sports pass on the IMLeagues site. To secure a spot in a league, a captain must select the league and division in which they wish to play. A team will be confirmed once it has the minimum number of paid players on its roster. 

Fall 1
Registration: August 27 - September 6
Sports offered: Flag Football, Mini Soccer, Dodgeball, 4v4 Sand Volleyball, Tennis

Fall 2
Registration:  October 8 - October 18
Sports offered:  Softball, 7v7 Soccer, Racquetball, Floor Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, 3v3 Basketball

For more information on sports offerings and structures, please view our policies and procedures  here.

*Note:  Registration may stay open longer on a sport-by-sport basis if leagues do not fill.

To register for Intramural Sports,  visit  www.IMLeagues.com  and login using your OHIO email. 


Looking for a Team? Join a Free Agent Team

Interested in playing IM sports, but don't have a team to play on? Please come to our free agent meeting at the date and times listed below. We will assist in finding you a team.

Fall 1 September 5: @ 7 p.m., Ping Center Meeting Room

Fall 2 October 8: @ 7 p.m., Ping Center Meeting Room

Officiating Sessions

Interested in officiating intramural sports and on-campus employment? Attend our officiating general session in the Ping Center meeting room! 

Fall 1: Thursday, August 30 @ 9 p.m.
Sports to officiate: Mini Soccer, Flag Football

Fall 2:  Thursday, October 11 @ 9 p.m.                                                                                                                          Sports to officiate: 7v7 Soccer, Softball, Floor Hockey


Am I Eligible to Play?

Fall / Spring Sessions
All students currently enrolled at Ohio University (Athens campus) are eligible to participate until they no longer meet the rules of eligibility. Faculty and staff members employed at Ohio University (Athens campus) can purchase an Intramural Sports Pass to be eligible to participate.  

How Many Teams Can I Play on? 
An individual may participate on an unlimited number of appropriate men's or women's teams and an unlimited number of coed standard and open teams in the same sport during the regular season. 


League Sports and Structure

League Types

Coed A Leagues:  Certain rules are altered based upon the gender of participants (i.e., scores involving females may be worth additional points, restrictions may exist based upon gender, etc.). An equal number of males and females is required to play.

Coed B Leagues:  All scoring rules mirror those in single-gender sports. An equal number of males and females is required to play.

Recreational Leagues:  Each team will be scheduled in a 4-team league with 5 round-robin games.

Competitive Leagues:  Each team will be scheduled in a 4-team league with 3 regular season games and teams who are eligible will be scheduled for at least one playoff game.

*Note: In the event that a division does not fill and no games are scheduled and/or played, the teams in that division may have their team fee refunded to them by contacting the Competitive Sports Office.

Reinstatement Information for Each League

Reinstatement fees apply to teams that forfeit games. This fee is $20. Recreational league teams are charged after two forfeits and must pay by 5 p.m. the day before their next scheduled game to continue participation. Competitive leage teams are charged after one forfeit and must pay by 4 p.m. the day before that sport's Playoff Bracket Draw for playoff eligibility. 

Click here  for FAQs and answers about reinstatement policies. 




Competitive teams will participate in a single-elimination playoff tournament at the end of their regular season games. prio to the tournament, teams will receive an email from IMLeagues.com to participate in the playoff bracket selections. Teams will be given a time to choose their playoff dates based on their regular season record. Winners of the playoff tournament will receive an Intramural Champions t-shirt.



Contact Information

The Intramural Sports office is located in 140 Ping Center. 

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday, 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Intramural Office: (740) 593-9946
Weather Hotline: (740) 593-4999