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Ping Center Reservations

Facility Request Form

To make a reservation request, please fill out the facility request form below. Note, we request a minimum of two weeks for reservation requests. 

Facility Request Form

To request the climbing wall please email

Facility Rental Rates

Space Rate/Hour
Area A (Single Multipurpose Court) $35
Area B (Hardwood, Single Court) $35
Area C (2 Hardwood Basketball Courts) $70
Area D (2 Hardwood Basketball Courts) $70
Area E (Single Multipurpose Court) $35
Studio 219 (Hardwood Dance/Fitness Studio) Capacity 80 $75
Entrance Lobby  $100
Patio $75
Single Meeting Room (Capacity 10) $25
Double Meeting Room (Capacity 25) $44
Triple Meeting Room (Capacity 45) $63
Climbing Wall University Rate (Includes 2 staff) $45
Climbing Wall Non-University Rate (Includes 2 staff) $50
Equipment Rate
Chair $2
Table $6
Podium $30
Portable Sound System $75
Podium $30
Cornhole Board (complete set) $20
Trash  $16/bin
Custodial (4 hour minimum) $160

Staffing Fees

Depending on your event needs, additional staffing may be required

Staff Type Fee
Supervisor/Event Staff $18/hour
Member Service Assistant $15/hour


All renters are required to abide by University Well-Being and Recreation policies in addition to those listed below. 

General Policies

  • Completing the Facility Reservation Request Form does not guarantee use of the requested space
  • Requests must be made two-weeks in advance of the event
  • UWAR Reservations and Events will respond to you in 3-5 business days
  • Student Orgs may only request re-occurring reservations beginning on the 1st of the prior month
  • A signed rental agreement is required to utilize the space 
  • Space capacities may vary depending on event request 

Rental Fees

All spaces come as is. Any equipment, trash, custodial or additional resources are subject to charge

OHIO Student Organizations

  • There are no fees for standard reservations, but are subject to fees for rental equipment, custodial and additional staffing depending on event requests
  • Student Org events that involve community members or members outside of the student org or fundraising are subject to normal facility rental rates
  • Student orgs must be registered in Bobcat Connect to qualify for any discounts

Ohio University Departments and External Rentals

  • University departments will be charged for space, equipment, custodial and additional staffing are subject to feeds depending on event request
  • University Departments must provide an internal billing number to qualify for university rates

Tabling Policy

  • Departments and Groups are subject to a facility rental fee of $25/hour
  • Table reservations may only run for a maximum of 4 hours per day for a maximum of three days in a 2 week period. 
  • Each table is only permitted 2 people at a time
  • Soliciting or approaching patrons in the facility is not permitted. Renters must stay at their tables at all times
  • Distribution of food or drink is subject to approval from UWAR staff. A food permit may be required. 

External Instruction

UWAR follows a non-compete. The use of facilities for instruction/coaching (paid or voluntary) is prohibited. If instructors are found facilitating activities outside of programming organized by Ohio University Well-Being and Recreation, the group will be asked to end their activity and subject termination of future reservation request. 

Self Defense Classes: OUPD is the only permitted to facilitate self-defense classes in the Ping Center

Re-occurring Standing Reservations

Reoccurring reservations are only permitted on a one-month basis. Registered student organizations wanting to schedule a reoccurring weekly reservation can submit their requests beginning on the 1st of the prior month. Requests are considered on a first-come-first-serve basis and pending space availability 

  • Ex: Requests for Wednesdays, 7pm-8pm in November can be submitted October 1st. The same Wednesday requests for December can be submitted November 1st. 

Facility Access

The Charles J. Ping Recreation Center is an access controlled facility. Renters must have an access protocol in place for the event, including staffing at facility front desk or lobby for registration or check-in for admission to the event. If a staff is not provided event participants and spectators will be expected to pay the facility daily fee to access the facility.

Signage & Decor:

  • Signage placement and decorations must be approved through the UWAR Reservation and Events team one week prior to reservation date. Contact with questions regarding approved signage and decoration locations
  • Helium balloons are NOT and confetti of any material are permitted in the facility
  • Signage/décor may NOT to be hung on walls or windows. Tape on any surface is prohibited as it can be damaging to the paint/drywall and remove finish from the floors. Signage can be placed on easels (brought by customer) and can be placed in approved areas of the facility. (All signage must be approved by


Minors are permitted in the Charles J. Ping Recreation Center with adult supervision for event rental duration. Minors are only permitted in the designated space reserved for the event. Minors are not permitted on any exercise equipment, in weight rooms, cardio rooms or track.

Food & Alcohol

Food: If served or offered, a permit is required from Ohio University, Environmental Health Services 14 days in advance of the event.

  • Signed permit must be provided to University Well-Being and Recreation Reservation staff at least one week in advance of the event. Food must be served in designated areas.
  • If total food purchase (food, napkins, warmers, etc.) exceeds $250.00 Ohio University Catering must provide food, per University
  • policy 47.015:
  • Any event serving food will be charged a service fee for custodial and trash. No concessions may be sold within University Recreation facilities unless prior written approval has been given by the University Well-Being and Recreation Department

Alcohol: To serve or provide alcohol, an "F" permit is REQUIRED from the State of Ohio 30 days in advance of the event. The request to serve alcohol must be approved by the University and Well-Being Recreation professional staff. Contact the Reservations and Events team for required forms and contacts. If approved, beverages must be served in designated areas.

Reservation Cancelations

  • Notice must be provided in writing no less than seven (7) days in advance of the event date and confirmed by University Well-Being and Recreation.
  • Renter is financially responsible for all related rental fees.
  • If the reservation is not cancelled seven (7) days in advance the renter will be responsible for 100% of the cost of all related space reservations in addition to event specific staffing and equipment fees already incurred.
  • Failure to show for a confirmed reservation will result in a no show fee of 100% of all related space reservations in addition to event specific staffing and equipment fees already incurred. 
  • All registered student organizations, University departments, and non-university renters are subject to this policy.