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Aquatic Center Reservations

Facility Request Form

To make a reservation request, please fill out the facility request form below. Note, we request a minimum of two weeks for reservation requests. 

Facility Request Form

Facility Rental Rates

Per Lane*$10
Entire Pool (Includes pool deck and bleachers)$200

*Lanes may be rented during Open Swim Hours. Requests to rent lanes outside of Open Swim are subject to associated facility fees 

Birthday Party**Rate
Party Room (Includes 10 Swimmers)$75 + $3/per additional swimmer over 10

**Birthday parties are scheduled during Open Swim Hours. Requests may outside of open swim times are subject to facility rental fees 

Staffing Fees

Depending on your event needs, additional staffing may be required

Staff TypeFee
Supervisor/Event Staff$18/hour
Member Service Assistant$15/hour
Timing System Opeartor$15/hour


All renters are required to abide by OHIO Well-Being and Recreation policies in addition to those listed below. 

Facility Access

Private Aquatic Center Facility Rental: 

  • Renters will be granted access to the Aquatic Center deck at the reservation start time indicated on the rental agreement
  • The pool deck must be cleared of all activities and equipment by the reservation end time indicated on the rental agreement
  • All additional time will require additional written submission, and approval by the facility director—facility charges may be incurred for any time over requested rental time

Second Floor Rental Space:

  • Renters will be granted access to the 2nd floor spectator and event space at the reservation start time indicated on the rental agreement
  • The lobby area and spectator event space must be returned to the condition in which it was found by the indicated end time on the reservation rental agreement
  • Any associated billing will be added to the reservation request billing process for additional setup and return to normal operation

Signage & Decor

  • Signage placement and decorations must be approved through the facility director three (3) weeks prior to reservation date.
  • Helium balloons, glitter and confetti of any material are NOT permitted in the facility
  • The following items will need advance planning and approval for use within the Aquatic Center: Signage/decor size and implementation; Sign holders and standing barricades


  • Non-swimming children and children under the age of 6 must be within arm’s reach of an adult (18 years of age or older) in swimming attire in the pool
  • Children under the age of 11 must be directly supervised by an adult (18 years of age or older) in the facility
  • Children over the age of 5 are not permitted in opposite gender bathrooms. Family locker rooms are provided on the pool deck
  • Children that are not toilet-trained must wear a swim diaper. Diaper changing is restricted to locker rooms
  • Only swim aids that are US Coast Guard approved are permitted. Non-life vest wearing adults must be within arm’s reach of the children wearing aids
  • The Lifeguard staff reserve the right to have any child demonstrate their swimming abilities before using the facility unsupervised or the deep end of the pool. Testing includes swimming unassisted one length of the pool with change in direction to be evaluated by Aquatic Center staff
  • Infants may not be left unattended and strollers are not permitted on the pool deck
  • All children participating in Rec Swim must purchase a day pass or membership to use the Aquatic Center

Athletic Trainers/Emergency Services

  • Renters must supply required Athletic Trainers, related equipment and supplies for the event
  • The Aquatic Center will NOT be able to provide ice and related athletic training equipment
  • Aquatic Center will take lead on individual and facility emergency response