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Garage Hourly Parking Guidelines and Information



General Information

The Baker University Center Garage has non-reserved spaces within the facility. These spaces are intended for guests who wish to pay a fee based on the amount of time their vehicle has been parked within the facility. Guests will retrieve a ticket upon entering the garage. Upon exiting the garage, the ticket will determine the amount due.


Hours of Operation

The Baker University Center Parking Garage is open for transient parking from 5:00am until 2:59am to the follow day, every day. The transient parking spaces may not be used between the hours of 3:00 am and 4:59am daily. There is no overnight parking within this facility for those who do not have a reserved space.


Location & GPS Address

Baker University Center is located at 1 Park Place, Athens, OH.  Entering this address in a GPS will take customers to the TOP level of Baker Center, which is not where the parking facility is located.  Therefore, customers wishing to use GPS instructions that will lead them to the parking facility for Baker Garage should enter "Oxbow Trail, Athens, OH" as their address.  Upon turning onto Oxbow Trail, simply follow the roadway until you arrive at Baker Center.  The parking facility is just past the building on your right. 



Any vehicle parked in a non-reserved space between the hours of 3:00am and 4:59am may be cited and/or towed at the owner/driver’s expense. If the vehicle is not towed, the vehicle will be charged an hourly garage fee upon exit.


Fees and Parking Instructions

Parking fees in the garage are based on the amount of time the vehicle has been parked within the garage facility. When arriving at the garage entrance, customers will be required to take a “spitter” ticket. Once the ticket has been removed, the gate arm will rise. The ticket is date and time stamped. Please take your ticket with you and keep in a safe place.

Prior to entering your vehicle for exit, take your ticket to the “pay-on-foot station” located across from the stairs and elevator. Instructions for use are posted directly on the machine. After inserting your spitter ticket, you will be asked to pay the fee associated with the amount of time your vehicle has been parked within the facility. Once your payment has been processed, your ticket will be validated and dispensed. Take your validated ticket, and proceed to the exit of the facility. When you arrive at the pay-in-lane station, insert your validated ticket into the appropriate slot, and the gate arm will rise.


Acceptable Payment Methods

 - Cash—Valid United States issued billed ranging from $1 to $20. Bills larger than $20 are not accepted

 - Coins are NOT accepted

 - Credit Cards—Visa, American Express and MasterCard are gladly accepted


Hourly Fees

Grace Period: 5 Minutes*


0.0 - 0.9


1.0– 1.9


2.0– 2.9


3.0– 3.9


4.0– 4.9


5.0– 5.9


6.0– 6.9


7.0– 7.9


8.0– 8.9


9.0 - 9.9


10.0 - 10.9


11.0 - 11.9


12.0 - 12.9


13.0 - 13.9


14.0 - 21.00


Lost Ticket



*Grace period applies to initial entry only. Included in first hour.

All fees are also posted at the garage entrances and exits.


Holiday Parking

During selected holidays listed below, free parking will be available within Baker University Center Garage hourly parking spaces only. Free access will begin at 12:01 a.m. on the first day of the holiday and will remain in effect until 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the holiday

 - Thanksgiving

 - Christmas (continues through New Years to include the break period between Christmas and New Years when the University is closed)

 - July 4th


Tow Truck Entry/Exit

Tow trucks intending to service a vehicle within the garage must enter the garage as any other vehicle wishing to utilize a non-reserved space. Simply take an hourly ticket upon entering the garage. When exiting the garage, pull up to the exit and use the intercom to call dispatch. Dispatch will ask for the hourly ticket number, subsequently raising the gate to allow the tow truck to exit.


State Vehicle Access

General state vehicle access will not be permitted in the pay facility unless hourly fees are paid. Should state vehicle access be required in the pay facility due to operational needs, Parking Services should be notified prior to entrance and arrangements will be made.


Motorcycle and Scooter Parking

Motorcycles are not permitted to park within this facility due to the limitations of the parking gates. Motorcycle parking areas are located in convenient locations around campus. Please refer to the campus parking map for these locations and see our motorcycle parking information on this website for permit requirements.


Routine Maintenance

Through on-going maintenance, Transportation and Parking Services strives to maintain safe and clean parking facilities. Every attempt is made to provide access to all garages year-round. Some maintenance projects require that areas in the garage be restricted ensure vehicular and pedestrian safety. Customers will be notified of impending maintenance by signs posted at the entrance to the facility in advance whenever possible. Additional parking locations will be offered to reserved space holders if reserved spaces are affected.