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Surface Lot Guidelines & Coupon Codes

Fees, Payment Methods, and Refunds

Lot 122, the surface lot at Baker Center, and Lot 87, the lot at the Ping Center, are pay-to park facilities. Guests wishing to park within these lots have the option to pay using ParkMobile (zones indicated in the lot) or they can pay for their space using the pay station located near the lot entrance. Parking within these lots is $1.00 per hour.

Coupon Codes

University Departments may choose to purchase a coupon code which allows their guests to park within these lots at a reduced rate. This coupon code is only valid when using the pay station machines. Coupon codes do not work with the ParkMobile application. Coupon codes may be purchased to cover a percentage of the customer's total parking fee or to reduce the customer's total parking fee by a predetermined amount. Coupon codes ordered by University Departments must be paid using a valid University account number. Coupon codes are not available to external organizations; however, a lot reservation is an option for external operations.

Fees for departmental coupon codes include a $25 processing fee (regardless of how much the coupon is used) plus the total fee for coupon usage during the valid period. The total fee for the coupon usage will vary based on which option the department chooses (percentage of total parking fee, a flat rate discount, and the total amount of time the customer parked). Departments are responsible for sharing their coupon code with their customers to ensure usage. Parking Services cannot monitor coupon code usage once the code is shared with guests or limit how often the code is used by the guest. Departments are billed based on total usage and not intended usage.

Departmental Coupon Codes may be purchased using the request form listed below. All fields are required. Coupon codes are available within Lot 122 at Baker Center as well as Lot 87 at the Ping Center. Please be sure to select which lot you are requesting in the form.
Parking Services does not recommend using the same coupon code for a long period of time or for multiple events. It is highly recommended that coupon codes only be used for single day events to prevent abuse.

(see above)

By clicking in the 'I agree' box, I agree to a $25 Processing Fee in addition to the Usage Fees.

By clicking in the 'I agree' box, I understand the university account number I have provided above will be billed for the processing fee as well as the total amount of coupon code usage during the specified time frame. This fee cannot be predetermined by Parking Services as it is based on coupon code usage. Parking Services cannot control coupon code usage, and departments will be billed for total usage at the event end regardless of intended usage.