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Service Owners

Service Ownership

Service Owners are accountable for the success of their assigned OIT service. Service Owners have a deep understanding of OHIO’s mission and goals, and act as a liaison between OIT and OHIO students, faculty, and administration.

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Service Owners

Chad Burkett Profile Picture
Chad Burkett
Senior Service Owner: Student Administration, Financial Administration, Human Resources Administration
Ed Carter Profile Picture
Ed Carter
Senior Manager of Information Security; Service Owner: Information Security
Anne Green Profile Picture
Anne Green
Senior Manager, Infrastructure; Service Owner: Internet, Phones
Tracy Kitts Profile Picture
Tracy Kitts
Service Owner: General Collaboration, File Storage and Sharing, Chat and Remote Meetings
Pete Lawrence Profile Picture
Pete Lawrence
Service Owner: Academic Administrative Tools, Streaming Video, Websites
Eszti Major-Rohrer Profile Picture
Eszti Major-Rohrer
Service Owner: Teaching and Learning Tools, Testing, Surveys, Research
Toni Marinucci Swart Profile Picture
Toni Marinucci Swart
Service Owner: OBI Reporting
Papa Owusu-Kwarteng Profile Picture
Papa Owusu-Kwarteng
Service Owner: Learning Spaces
Renee Perry Profile Picture
Renee Perry
Service Owner: Software
Alicia Porter Profile Picture
Alicia Porter
Service Owner: Technology Accessibility
Elyshia Taylor Profile Picture
Elyshia Taylor
Service Owner: Device Support, Printing, Research Computing
Jen Van Nostran Profile Picture
Jen Van Nostran
Service Owner: Custom Solutions
Melissa Weaver Profile Picture
Melissa Weaver
Service Owner: Digital Workflow
Kevin Zhang Profile Picture
Kevin Zhang
Service Owner: Accounts and Passwords, ID Cards, Email and Calendar