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IT Strategy and Investment Council

Purpose and charge

The IT Strategy & Investment Council provides oversight of the IT governance framework and informs IT investment priorities. The charge of the council is as follows:  

  • Actively engage in developing, maintaining, and assessing a rolling five-year roadmap for IT capabilities and investments
  • Inform and approve major IT investments, divestments, and changes in resource allocation
  • Review the IT portfolio at least annually
  • Support and advocate for decisions once they are made
  • Provide oversight of other IT governance activities and processes

Current membership 

Information technology exists to support the mission of the University. The IT Strategy & Investment Council will include University representatives who have institutional-wide perspectives on student-related, academic, research, operational, and administrative priorities. Non-IT participation on the Council is essential for alignment of IT issues across the University and alignment with the University's strategic plan. 

The IT Strategy & Investment Council is currently in the process of formalizing new membership.