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IT Standing Committees

Standing Committees are set membership groups charged annually by the IT Strategy and Investment Council. The committees are empowered to create strategy and make decisions for the Committees' designated area of focus. They are decision-making entities that inform roadmaps, shepherd initiatives, and produce clear decision authority and escalation paths.  



Standing Committees will be organized and facilitated by Chair(s). Chair(s) are appointed by the IT leadership team. They are responsible for:

  • Serving as the primary point of contact for their respective committee  
  • Establishing a committee membership, charge, and meeting cadence  
  • Establishing member roles and responsibilities  
  • Ensuring the committee successfully executes their charge


Standing Committee members will be determined by the Chair(s). Membership will be evaluated and updated on an annual basis. There are a limited number of seats per committee; however, members may include subject matter experts on an as-needed basis. All members are expected to be contributing members who attend meetings and are actively engaged.