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Service Level Agreement: Computer & Device Support

Service Description

The Computer & Device Support Service provides hardware and software support for University-owned end user computing devices.  This service includes several offerings spanning the entire device lifecycle.

Service Offerings

This is not a comprehensive list. For more details on these service offerings, visit the OIT Service Catalog and the full Computer & Device Support Service Level Agreement.

Computer Support

This offering includes the installation and configuration, maintenance, and recycling of OHIO devices.  It does not include support for scientific and research equipment, office relocations, or home visits of any kind.

Digital Signage

This offering includes a digital content distribution platform for playback to display devices.  Player devices are limited to the Windows 10 operating system.

User Responsibilities

Users are expected to follow OHIO policies and procedures regarding the acceptable usage and security of Information Technology.

Service Hours and Availability

Support for all Computer & Device Support Service offerings is available Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm ET (“normal business hours”), exclusive of OHIO holidays, with response and resolution times as described in the OIT Service Desk Operational Level Agreement (OLA).