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Matthew White, Ph.D.


Biological Sciences 
310 Irvine Hall


Education:  Ph.D., Virginia Tech


Research Interest:  Evolutionary Genetics


My laboratory is interested in identifying patterns of genetic variation in natural populations.  We are using DNA sequence variation to assess the magnitude and pattern of genetic differentiation among freshwater fish populations. The patterns observed allow us to assess the roles of historical and contemporary processes in the distribution of variation. This area of research is known as phylogeography.  Our research has significance for the effective management of recreationally important species.  In addition, we are able to identify the presence of undescribed species by detecting significant disjunctions in the distribution of genetic variation.  By using both mitochondrial and nuclear DNA markers, we assay DNA sequences that evolve at very different rates.  Presently, we are investigating genetic variation and patterns of molecular evolution in walleye, species of non-parasitic lamprey, and Nautilus.