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Oyeyemi Ajayi


BACH,   Federal University of Agriculture, Nigeria  2008
MAST,   Federal University of Agriculture, Nigeria  2011



Advisor: Dr. Allan Showalter



Proma Basu
Proma Basu

B.S.  National Institute of Technology,   India  2009

Research: "Quantitative discovery proteomics of arabidopsis seedlings in microgravity"

Advisor:  Dr. Sarah Wyatt

Alison Brittain
Alison Brittain

B.A. Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA  2008



Advisor: Dr. John Kopchick



Yanyang Cao

B.A. China Agricultural University, Beijing, CN 2012



Advisor: Dr. XiaoZhuo Chen



Silvana Duran Ortiz

B.S. Biology, CES University , Medellin, Colombia 2012

M.S. Food and Nutrition Sciences, Ohio University 2014



Advisor: Dr. John Kopchick



kevin Funk
Kevin Funk

B.S. Biological Sciences, Ohio University 2003

M.S. Zoology, University of Hawaii 2005


Research: "The Effects of Growth Hormone on Mitochondrial Respiration"

Advisor:  Xiaozhuo Chen



Yuli Hu
Yuli Hu

B.S. Wuhan University of Science and Technology

M.S.  Biomedical Engineering, Ohio University 2014


Research:  "Zinc Therapeutic as a Novel Cancer Treatment That Regulates the Phosphorylation of Protein Kinase C-delta"

Advisor:  Dr. Yang Li



Sazan Ismael
Sazan Khalid Ismael

B.S. Salahaddin University, Erbil Iraq

M.S. University of Koya, Iraq


Research: "Neurodegeneration and neuroprotection in Drosophila and human dopaminergic neurons"

Advisor: Dr. Daewoo Lee



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Dasmeet Kaur


BACH, Panjab University,   India  2004

MAST, (Post Bach) Panjab University, India  2008



Advissor:  Dr. Allan Showalter

Colin Kruse
Colin Kruse

B.S. Chemistry, Ohio University 2012

Research: A Data-Enabled Approach to Gravity-Signaling in Plants
Advisor: Dr. Sarah Wyatt
Co-Advisor: Dr. John Kopchick



Xiao Liu

B.A. Harbin Institute of Technology, China 2007


Research: Characterization of Putative Galartosyltransferases for Arabinogalctan-Proteins and Data Mining of Hydroxyproline Rich Glycoproteins within the Plant Kingdom

Advisor: Dr. Allan Showalter

Xinhao Liu

BioMed, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China 2011


Research: The Effect of Paternal Obesity on the Offspring

Advisor: Dr. Felicia Nowak

Qiping Lu

B.S. Capital Normal University, China 2011




Advisor: Dr. Yang Li

Quyen (Jason) Luong

Education: B.S. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio,   2013


Research: Defining the role of RhoGAP protein, Porf-2, in pathogenesis of Alzheimer disease.

Advisor:  Dr. Kevin Lee



Sarah Metro Bener
Sarah Metro-Benner


Education: B.S. Ohio University 2013


Research: The role Toll Like Receptor 3 plays in viral mediated type 1 diabetes

Advisor:  Dr. Kelly McCall

Alex Meyers
Alexander Meyers


Education: B.S. Biochemistry, State University of New York at Cortland 2013



Advisor:  Dr. Sarah Wyatt



Ashley Patton
Ashley Patton


Education: B.S. University of Findlay, Ohio 2011


Research:  "The role of hepatocyte-specific toll-like receptor 4 signaling in the development of high fat diet-induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and efficacy of novel therapeutics for its treatment"

Advisor:  Dr. Kelly McCall

Donald Pickel
Donald Pickel

Education: B.S. University of Tennessee - Knoxville, TN  2013
M.S. Lipscomb University, TN  2016



Advisor: Dr. Nathan Weyend



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Samantha Shaw

Education: B.S. Biological Sciences, Ohio University 2005

M.S. Biological Sciences, Ohio University 2014



Advisor: Dr. Robert Colvin

Christian Showalter
Christian Showalter

Education: B.S. University of Cincinnati,   Ohio,   2014



Advisor:  Dr. Monica Burdick

Pratik Shriwas
Pratik Shriwas

B.S. Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India, 2011

MSc, Teesside University, United Kingdom, 2013




Advisor: Dr. Xiaozhuo Chen

Manindra Singh

B.S. University of Delhi India 2007

M.S. Jamia Millia Islamia India 2009


Research: Relevance of Adipokines for the identification of novel inflammatory markers in endothelial cells

Advisor: Dr. Fabian Benencia

Mark Slayton
Mark Slayton


B.S.  Wayne State University,   Michigan 2013


Research:  Analysis of Human Cytomegalovirus Protein UL34DNA Binding Sites

Advisor:  Dr. Bonita Biegalke

Jingwen Song
Jingwen Song

B.S. Capital Normal University, Beijing, China 2015




Advisor:  Zhihua Hua



Debra Walter
Debra Walter


B.S. Shippensburg University 2007
M.S. Bloomsburg University 2010


Research: Using the NOD mouse as a model for studying Toll Like Receptors involvement in Diabetic Nephropathy.

Advisor: Dr. Kelly McCall and Dr. Karen Coschigano

Xuan Wang


B.S. China Agricultural University 2010


Research: Internalization of extracellular ATP by cancer cells and its functional roles in cancer.

Advisor:  Dr. Xiaozhuo Chen



Jonathan Young


B.S. Ohio University 2012 


Research: The Effect of Growth Hormone Action on the Mouse Intestine

Advisor:  Dr. John Kopchick



Yuan Zhang
Yuan (Susan) Zhang


B.S. Jilin Agricultural University, Changchun, China 2012



Advisor:  Dr. Zhihua Hua

Haiyun Zhang
Haiyun Zhang


B.S. Jilin University, China  2010
M.S. Brandeis University,   Waltham, MA  2012



Advisor:  Dr. Xiaozhuo Chen


Recent Graduates


Debarati Basu

B.S. University of Calcutta, India 2004
M.S. University of Calcutta, India 2006
Ph.D. Ohio University- MCB/PBIO 2015


Dissertation: Identification and Characterization of Five Arabidopsis Hydroxyproline Galatosyltransferases and Their Functional Roles in Arabinogalactin-Protein Glycosylation, Growth, Development, and Cellular Signaling.


Advisor: Dr. Alan Showalter

Amrita Basu

B.S. University of Calcutta, India 2006
M.S. Bethune College, University of Calcutta, India 2008
Ph.D. Ohio University MCB-BIOS 2016

Dissertation: Spacial Learning and Memory, Transcriptional and Proteomic Analysis of Growth Hormon Action in the Brain of bGH and GHA Mice

Advisor: Dr. John Kopchick

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Reetobrata Basu

B.S. University of Calcutta 2005
M.S. Bangalore University 2007
M.S. Ohio University 2014

Ph.D. Ohio Univeristy MCB/CHEM 2016


Dissertation: "Growth Hormone Receptor in Melanoma: A Unique Approach to Therapy"


Advisor: Dr. Shiyong Wu

William Broach

B.S. Eastern Kentucky University 2008

Ph.D. Ohio University -  MCB/BIOS 2014


Dissertation: "Small RNA regulators of Shigella dysenteriae"


Advisor: Dr. Erin Murphy





Elahu Gosney

B.S. Ohio University 2003

Ph.D. Ohio University - MCB/Bios 2013


Dissertation: Characterization and Inhibition of Growth Hormone Signaling in the NC160 Cancer Cell line Panel


Advisor: Dr. Xiaozhuo Chen



Adam Jara

B.S. Wittenberg University 2008

Ph.D. Ohio University - MCB/Bios 2014


Dissertation: "Growth Hormone (GH) and the Cardiovascular System: Studies in Bovine GH Transgenic and Inducible, Cardiac-Specific GH Receptor Gene Disrupted Mice"


Advisor: Dr. John Kopchick

Nan Jiang

B. S. Capital Normal University 2008

Ph.D. Ohio University - MCB/PBIO 2015


Dissertation: "Characterization of TaXPol-1, a Xylan Synthase Complex from Wheat"


Advisor: Dr. Ahmed Faik



Andrew Kouse

B.S. Ohio University 2008

Ph.D. Ohio University - MCB/Bios 2014


Dissertation: "Thermoregulation of Shigella Dysenteriae Factors by RNA Thermometers"


Advisor: Dr. Erin Murphy



Vivian Lesende

B.S. University of North Alabama  2013

M.S. Ohio Univeristy -


Thesis:  "Characterization of Immune Cell Types in Adipose Depots of Growth Hormone Transgenic Mice"


Advisor:  Dr. Darlene Berryman

Jian Li

B.S. Southwest University 2004

Ph.D. Ohio University - MCB/Bios 2013


Dissertation: Mechanism of DNA Homologous Recombination through Studies of DNA Sliding Clamps, Clamp Loaders, and DNA Polymerases


Advisor:  Dr. Tomohiko Sugiyama



Maria Muccioli

B.S. Suffolk University 2009

Ph.D. Ohio University MCB/Bios 2014


Dissertation: "Characterizing dsRNA-induced inflammation in ovarian cancer cells"


Advisor:  Dr. Fabian Benencia



Yanrong Qian

B.S. Shanghai University, China 2006

M.S. Shanghai University, China 2009

Ph.D. Ohio University - MCB/Chem 2014

Research: "Internalization of Extracellular ATP in Cancer Cells and Development of New Generations of Anticancer Glucose Transport Inhibitors"


Advisor: Dr. Xiaozhuo Chen



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Kaiyu Shen

B.S. University of Science and Technology of China 2006

PhD. Ohio University - MCB/PBIO 2014


Dissertation: "Gravitropic Signal Transduction: A Systems Approach to Gene Discovery"


Advisor: Dr. Sarah Wyatt



Lingying Tong

B.S. The Chinese University of Hong Kong  2008

Ph.D. Ohio University - MCB/Chem 2014

Dissertation:  "The Role of Nitric Oxide Synthase and Carnosol in UVB-induced NF-kB Activity and Skin Damage"


Advisor:  Dr. Shiyong Wu



Aditi Vyas

B.S. University of Mumbai, India 2007

M.S. Bangalore University, India 2009

Ph.D. Ohio University, MCB/BIOS 2016

Dissertation: "Identification of Novel Stat92E target genes in Drosophila Hematopoiesis "

Advisor: Dr. Soichi Tanda



Chunxi Zeng

B.S. Sichuan University PR China

Ph.D. Ohio University MCB/CHEM 2016


Dissertation: Riboswitch-targeted Drug Discovery: Investigation of Factors that affect the T Box Transcription Antitermination Mechanism


Advisor:  Dr. Jennifer Hines