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OHIO Guarantee+

OHIO Libraries were integrated into the Guarantee+ program until the Spring of 2022. It was at that time we learned that information literacy/library milestones were no longer required in the OHIO Guarantee+ graduation plans.

Regardless of the placement or requirements embedded in the graduation plans, the Libraries know that information literacy instruction is critical to student academic success. Research and our own experiences demonstrate this to be true. Many information literacy/library milestone activities (links to old G+ Information Literacy Milestone Repository) have been developed with many of you and delivered with positive outcomes for students. We want to encourage you to maintain these collaborations with your librarian and continue to integrate these learning opportunities into your courses and programs, even if they are not required academic milestones in graduation plans.

Please reach out to your librarian to discuss how, together, you can make information literacy and library instruction work best for your courses and programs. Feel free to visit our complete list of instructional support services for more details.

Please note that we may not have stand-by fill-in information literacy milestone product that is appropriate for your class. All our milestone learning objects were designed with specific programs in-mind, in collaboration with the faculty. 

If you require a library/information literacy milestone with short notice, please explore the following: 

  • Library Research Process Guide – This guide provides introductory information and tips on the research process including Overview of Research, Finding a Topic and Presearch, Search Techniques, Types of Resources and Finding them, Evaluating Sources, and Citing Sources. Can be used as an exploration tool or discussion piece. 
  • Plagiarism Tutorial – An interactive tutorial that includes proof of completion via a certificate. 
  • Visual Literacy Tutorial – The ‘One Image at a Time: Documentary Photography Archive’ is an interactive tutorial that focuses uses the Libraries’ special collections to explore visual literacy. The tutorial includes proof of completion via a certificate. 
  • Fair Use and Creative Commons for Image Guide with Quiz – This quiz is embedded in the Fair Use and Creative Commons Guide for Images. Students will need to explore the guide and complete the quiz to test their knowledge. Quiz results can be emailed. 
  • Introduction to Archives & Special Collections – This interactive tutorial gives you a virtual tour and exploration of the Libraries Archives and Special Collections. The tutorial includes proof of completion via a certificate.
  • Ethics in Archival & Historical Research – An interactive tutorial that focuses on how to use sensitive primary materials in research and how to ensure their use is ethical and thoughtful. The tutorial includes proof of completion via a certificate.
  • Article Deep Dive Lesson Plan – This links you to a detailed lesson plan which includes readings, a recorded demonstration by Sherri Saines (social sciences librarian), and a discussion guide for you to lead your students through questions like ‘What is the scientific process?’ ‘What are the parts of an academic article?’ and ‘How do the ideas in academic research go from journal to popular writing to social media memes, and move back and forth in time?’
  • Scholarship is a Conversation Lesson Plan – This links you to a recorded PowerPoint presentation by Sherri Saines (social sciences librarian) with a discussion and reflection guide for you to use in your session to guide students through what it means to “join the academic conversation” in their field and to identify at least two ways that information access is privileged or controlled.
  • Social Sciences Databases Tutorial – An interactive tutorial that acts as an introduction to subject databases, how to use them, and how they can benefit your social sciences research. Students will also discover their librarians and how they can help. The tutorial includes proof of completion via a certificate.
  • BS Detection Kit – This links to a folder containing readings, a PowerPoint presentation, a discussion guide, and a class activity where you can facilitate how to identify valuable and credible information on the web. And how to evaluate it once you find it.