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About the Libraries Integration into OHIO's Guarantee+ Program

In the Fall of 2022, OHIO Libraries officially started their integration into OHIO’s Guarantee+ Program through milestones within students’ graduation plans. The Libraries are actively collaborating with the Center for Advising, Career and Experiential Learning, University College, and faculty within academic programs to further our commitment to supporting student success.

As each undergraduate program is integrated into Guarantee+, the University Libraries will create three Information Literacy Milestones for each academic program that align with the research and information literacy needs of that specific program. The creation and alignment of the Information Literacy Milestones will be coordinated by each program’s Subject Librarian.

To locate your major’s Information Literacy Milestones, please visit our Guarantee+ Libraries Information Literacy Milestones Repository. The repository is being constantly updated as programs roll into Guarantee+ through Fall 2023.

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About the Information Literacy Milestones

The Information Literacy Milestones are purposefully designed to strategically meet students at their point of need. Milestone 1 is targeted at first-year students to provide a solid foundation of Information Literacy and Library Skills for students. Information Literacy Milestones 2 and 3 are placed within the academic programs to tailor that Milestone activity to the information and research needs of each specific program. 

The Libraries collaborated closely with University College to embed our Information Literacy Milestone 1 Tutorial into UC first-year courses. However, if first-year students are not enrolled in a UC course, they will still be required to engage with the Information Literacy Milestone 1 through their program or graduation plan. 

The Libraries Information Literacy Milestones’ learning outcomes are below.

Milestone 1: Novice Information Literacy Learners

Novice learners occasionally:

  • reflect on their information discovery habits,  
  • explore information from different sources and formats,
  • see themselves as more than simply consumers of information.

Milestone 2. Able Information Literacy Learners

Able learners often:

  • reflect on and seek to improve their information discovery habits,  
  • explain how information is produced and valued,  
  • see themselves as more than simply consumers of information, but increasingly as knowledge creators and participants in communities of learning.

Milestone 3: Skilled Information Literacy Learners

Skilled learners almost always:

  • reflect on and seek to improve their information discovery habits,  
  • demonstrate how information is produced and valued,
  • see themselves across the spectrum of information actors, including as knowledge creators
  • participate ethically as experts in certain communities of learning.

Why the Libraries and Guarantee+?

Our goal is to cultivate critical thinkers and smart information seekers, consumers, and creators. The library profession has completed extensive pedagogical research that guides our efforts in educating students about information and contributes to student achievement, workforce preparation, and life-long learning. 

We do this by intentionally and strategically placing information literacy learning outcomes, in this case Milestones, where students directly apply those skills. The goal is to meet the students where they are and relate the learning outcomes directly to their courses, assignments, and current topics/events. 

“More importantly,” said Dr. Kelly Broughton, “Integration of information literacy activities into the academic milestones of the Guarantee+ program will systematically advance all OHIO students’ abilities to find, critically evaluate, and ethically use information, contributing not only to their success academically but also in the workforce and as engaged citizenry.” --University Libraries Integrates into Guarantee+

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