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User Access

User retrieval, access, and use of government information from the Federal Depository Library Program in any format will be in accordance with the fundamental principle that the public has a right to government information that has been prepared and published at public expense.

Federal depository resources are available and usable for all library customers regardless of library affiliation, disability, age, residency, or other customer status.  Any person who comes to Alden Library may locate, request, browse through, read, or copy any U.S. government document in our tangible collection.  The Libraries provide free public access computer workstations to allow any user to access U.S. government electronic resources available via the Internet. Wireless access is also available using OHIO ID credentials or by connecting to the guest network. 

Staff at the service desk can assist with locating information in government documents.  For in-depth assistance, request an appointment with Katy Mathuews.

Differently abled individuals may wish to review our procedures and accommodations for Persons with Disabilities.

All titles in the open Government Documents collection are available for circulation except for reference, index and Census materials. Persons affiliated with Ohio University may check out materials using their OHIO ID. Members of the community may also check out materials with proper identification by obtaining a library card from the service desk on the 4th floor of Alden Library.

Library staff work to accurately identify and describe government information in bibliographic and holdings records; to incorporate and maintain accurate electronic links to content;  to make the availability of U.S. government information resources known to the public; and to ensure that any barriers to access – technological, social, economic, political, or physical are minimized, in order to achieve the Federal Depository Library Program goal of free, equal access to all.