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Records Storage & Destruction Services

Limited, temporary storage of University records awaiting their final disposition is available from the Office of the University Records Manager at the Library Annex facility. University offices may request storage and destruction of records that meet the following conditions:

  • Have a records retention schedule for each series to be stored that has been approved by the University Records Manager.
  • Are scheduled for destruction no earlier than two (2) years after receipt at the Annex.
  • Are limited in the number and frequency of requests for retrieval.
    • Should retrieval of records become burdensome to the staff of the Office of Records Management, all boxes in the requested series will be returned to the owning University office and additional records will no longer be accepted from that office.
  • Are contained in records boxes supplied by the University Libraries.
  • Are inventoried, labeled and arranged according to the checklist provided by the Office of Records Management.

As a courtesy, at the time designated for the destruction of records, the Office of the University Records Manager will notify the University office owning the records.