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Food and Drink Policy

For Library Visitors:

  • Please report spills to the nearest service desk immediately, so that they can be cleaned up quickly and damages can be minimized.
  • As always, please enjoy your beverages in containers with lids.

For Library Staff:

  • Members of the Library‚Äôs staff may consume food only in areas not accessible or visible to library users. The Staff Lounge is the preferable area for staff members to eat. Food brought into the Library should be kept in closed containers until removed or consumed in a non-public area.
  • Library employees working in public areas are limited to drinking beverages in substantial containers with re-sealable lids. These should be placed in a location out of the sight of users.
  • Beverages in non-allowable containers are not permitted in the Library, except when carried directly to the Snack/Vending area or a non-public area.