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One Button Studio

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Photo of Elyshia Taylor

Elyshia Taylor
Service Owner: Device Support, Printing, Research, Computing,
Office of Information Technology 

Photo of Jeff Sparks

Jeff Sparks
IT Support Specialist,
Office of Information Technology 

Photo of Carrie Preston

Carrie Preston
Head, Library Information Technology Services,
University Libraries 

Photo of Mike Dombrowski

Mike Dombrowski
Instructional Technologist,
Office of Information Technology 

Photo of Randy Nogrady

Randy Nogrady
Manager, Field Support,
Office of Information Technology 

Photo of Robin Wooten

Robin Wooten
Facilities Manager,
University Libraries 

Elyshia Taylor, Jeff Sparks, Randy Nogrady and Mike Dombrowski from the Office of Information Technology partnered with Carrie Preston and Robin Wooten to create the One Button Studio in Alden Library. Using high-quality video, sound and lighting equipment, the studio enables faculty and staff to make professional recordings in a studio environment with just the push of a button. The team also collaborated to create media recording kits for instructors to borrow and to create recordings anywhere. The One Button Studio and media recording kits support teaching and learning by providing convenient high-quality technologies for video and audio recording, while empowering students with better online learning opportunities. 

“One of the other things that came out of this was between the Libraries’ staff and OIT’s staff: it gave us a very good foundation for collaboration, [and] we all worked very well together. We talked about what the outcome was going to be, and …it allowed the University to work across many different groups.” – Randy Nogrady