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Visit University Libraries’ annual Homecoming display and its exhibit option too

Mimi Calhoun
September 26, 2022

Homecoming is one of the biggest events at Ohio University for both current students and alumni alike. From the football game to the parade, it’s one of the most jam packed and school-spirited weeks in Athens. With the University welcoming back alumni, it’s only fair that University Libraries does so as well. 

This year, an in-person display titled, “Lasting Memories: Your Annual OHIO Homecoming Display,” will take place on the fourth floor of Alden Library during Homecoming Week. About 18 tables will be put together with historical material from the Mahn Center’s University Archives such as yearbooks, scrapbooks, student publications, photos and handbooks. A button making station will also be present at the fourth floor entrance Oct. 8 between 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Bill Kimok, University archivist and records manager, explained in an email the reason behind the display was for alumni to be drawn back to the place that they may have spent a lot of time at when they were students.

“I wanted to bring more alumni attention back to the [Alden] Library,” Kimok said. “Although the Libraries does not officially have alumni like the academic colleges and departments have, almost all alumni have relied on the Libraries during their time as students at OHIO.”

Kimok also mentioned that one reason that he curates this display is for the entertainment of visiting alumni to reminisce about their time as students and to also let current students learn about OHIO’s history.

“The other reason is to help to educate our present OHIO students about the University’s rich and unique past and help them to realize that someday maybe a couple of decades in the future, the history that they are creating here today… will be part of a Homecoming display,” Kimok said. “It is a fun way and natural way to bond today’s students with those of the students who came before them.”

Janet Carleton, digital initiatives coordinator, and Taylor Burnette, digital collections social media manager, have also been working on a digital exhibit for Homecoming titled,  Memories through the Music: Popular Music at OHIO's Homecoming Concerts

Hosted on the Libraries’ Digital Exhibits page under the Homecoming Exhibits section, the online exhibit features historical images from the University Archives along with information about the history of Homecoming concerts at OHIO. Music playlists featuring some of the artists that have performed over the years are also in the works.

Carleton mentioned in an email that the purpose of expanding to a digital format as well lets alumni that can’t be back on campus see the archives and still feel connected to the campus community.

“We [University Libraries] love engaging alumni and the Ohio University community in general,” Carleton said. “With the digital options, people do not need to be here physically, although we love it when they are. This way we have an attractive presentation digitally, as well as showcasing the depth of Ohio University Archives’ resources available online.”