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University Libraries Celebrated Alden Library’s 50th Birthday

On Nov. 8 from 4-7 p.m., two presentations about Manasseh Cutler, the founder of Ohio University, were held on the fourth floor of the Library to celebrate Alden Library’s 50th anniversary. 

Claire Curran presented, “The Conservation Treatment of a Trunk Belonging to Manasseh Cutler,” from 4-5 p.m. During this presentation, Curran, assistant objects conservator from ICA-Art Conservation in Cleveland, explained how she assessed and executed the conservation of Cutler’s traveling trunk, as well as the long-term impact that the conservation will have on the trunk.

Following this presentation and light refreshments, historian Dr. Ann Fidler spoke about the life and legacy of Cutler in her presentation, “Finding Manasseh.” Cutler was an integral part of the creation of the Ohio Company of Associates and later the purchase of land for a university in the old Northwest Territory. 

Fidler is currently working on a biographical account of Cutler’s life after learning that most of the books written about him are selectively edited to boost the historical reputation of the Cutler family. The presentations went hand-in-hand as Fidler discussed the importance of the Cutler trunk and how it can be used to examine Cutler himself.

To view more photos from the 50th Anniversary celebration, check out the Libraries’ Flickr.


Dr. Ann Fidler and Neil Romanosky

Dr. Ann Fidler, presenter of “Finding Manasseh,” and Neil Romanosky, dean of University Libraries, pose for a portrait shortly after her presentation for the 50th anniversary of Alden Library on Friday, November 8, 2019. 


Claire Curran, assistant objects conservator for ICA Art Conservation

Claire Curran, assistant objects conservator for ICA Art Conservation, describes her efforts to preserve Manasseh Cutler's trunk during the 50th anniversary of Alden Library celebration. 


Audience at Cutler 50th Anniversary Event

Librarians and members of the Athens County and the OHIO communities enjoy an evening of presentations surrounding Manasseh Cutler during Alden’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Photos by James Year/Ohio University Libraries