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Students Return to Camp Alden

Ohio University Libraries was excited to welcome students back to in-person events on campus and introduce new students to the Libraries at Camp Alden. Students of all ages and majors attended the popular event to roast marshmallows, toss some beanbags and participate in many other activities.

A small tent sits outside Alden Library, with a backpack leaning against it. Nearby is a simulated "campfire" with flames made of tissue paper.

The beautiful August weather in Athens meant that many activities could be held outside of Alden Library, including mini golf and marshmallow roasting for s’mores. 

Several students stand around a table, paging through the magazines that cover the table

Inside Alden Library, students could make custom buttons from old magazines, search for stickers to complete a scavenger hunt and learn more about the Libraries.

Two young women hold up buttons while smiling at the camera

Above, freshman chemistry and pre-dentistry major Brynn Tausch (left) holds up a handmade button with Eleni Wyrick, a freshman communications major, during Camp Alden. Friends of all majors visited the Libraries during the fun event to kick off the school year.

All photos by Billy Schuerman/Ohio University Libraries