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OhioLINK Libraries to Acquire a New Integrated Library System

Janet Hulm
November 28, 2022

OhioLINK, the statewide academic library consortium that provides shared digital library resources (e-books, e-journals & articles, databases) and facilitates print sharing among member libraries in Ohio, received funding through the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) to replace its shared integrated library system (ILS). Ohio University is a charter member of OhioLINK.

An integrated library system (ILS) is the backbone of library operations and is used to manage circulation, acquisitions, and cataloging, as well as supports services used daily by Ohio University faculty, students, and staff, like ALICE, the OhioLINK Central Catalog, and OhioLINK borrowing

Our current shared system is 30-years old, and while it has been maintained, we need to move to a more stable and capable system that is designed to manage the needs of a modern library.  Our libraries are quite different than a library of even 20 years ago—when there were no e-books or e-journals. We are looking forward to providing a robust system that allows us to more efficiently manage electronic library resources and ensure an optimal experience for our faculty, students, and staff. 

OhioLINK is working with Marshall Breeding, the foremost expert in library systems, to compile member requirements and create RFP requirements that appropriately address all of OhioLINK members’ unique needs. This project is estimated to take a minimum of 24 months. OhioLINK has benchmarked its proposed timeline against other consortial ILS implementation projects. We are in the Request For Proposal (RFP) phase, and many months away from full implementation. Several Ohio University Libraries staff, including Neil Romanosky, Dean of University Libraries, will be participating in discussions throughout with OhioLINK’s RFP Review Team.

Internally the Libraries have put together a Local Coordinating ILS Task Force that includes staff who are members of an ongoing OhioLINK team. They will be working collaboratively with all Libraries’ staff to ensure maximum involvement in the process. While we see changes coming, we will be working toward an implementation with little to no service disruptions. Please feel free to contact Janet Hulm, Assistant Dean for Collections & Digitization Strategies, with any related questions.