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Libraries Student Employment: More Than Just a Job

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Kate Mason
June 30, 2021
Student Worker
Photo by Patrick Traylor/ Ohio University Libraries

Everywhere you go in University Libraries, student employees have their hands in most everything. From photographing cultural heritage materials and organizing archival collections to writing news stories and social media posts to shelving books, answering phones and acting as information assistants, student jobs are a vital part of the Libraries. 

The uniqueness of this work provides learning opportunities for student employees to develop a wide range of skills to use after graduation. 

“I didn't expect that working in the dean's office would help me practice my interviewing skills, or that it would teach me so much about deadlines and publishing, but I feel much more confident and prepared than when I first began working,” said Morgan Spehar, a senior in journalism and the Libraries’ communication assistant.  

Imani Estrada
Photo by Rich-Joseph Facun/ Ohio University

According to Bill Kimok, University archivist and record manager, students learn things here that stick with them. For interns like Imani Estrada, these learning opportunities include working with people who, like Kimok, are impassioned about their work.

“One of the biggest things I love is that people here in this Library generally love what they do and are passionate about it, and that’s something that continues to drive me and my work for the Libraries,” said Estrada, who began working in Alden Library as a sophomore in the College of Business. 

Other students, explained Erin Wilson, digital imaging specialist & lab manager, organize primary source materials from the Mahn Center and preserve those materials for current and future scholars, which “… has a direct impact on the research value of our collections.”

Library Student Worker Picture
Photo by Patrick Traylor/ Ohio University Libraries

“I organize papers and collections, so they are easier to navigate. I like to say I am the human version of Google,” said Jessica Nelson, a geology major and former student assistant in the Mahn Center. “I love knowing that I make research easier for others and reading some of the historical documents has given me a love and appreciation of OHIO.” 

For other students working in the Libraries, especially in the Center for International Collections, students are exposed to populations and collections representing diverse points of view.

“Student assistants from many nations [with a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds] work alongside American students, which can be an incredibly enriching [experience],” said Jeff Ferrier, head of Southeast Asia Collections and curator of International Collections.

For Spehar, working in the Libraries offers an additional bonus for undergraduate success: “Now… I know a whole network of librarians!” 

Consider being part of the Libraries’ team of student employees.  For more information about open positions and working in the Libraries visit the Libraries’ “Jobs” page.