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Virtual Study Rooms Scheduled for Spring Semester

Chad Boeninger
February 8, 2021
A student studies in his living room at home

The pandemic still requires us to remain six feet apart and wear masks, which makes safe study with friends and classmates nearly impossible.  To address this challenge, last fall we launched a new way to study together with your peers.  Open to all students, our virtual study rooms  offer a communal online space for friends, classmates, and fellow Bobcats to gather once again.

We are now offering weekly virtual study room sessions throughout Spring Semester.    


Find A Virtual Study Room

Whether you come alone or bring a friend, our virtual study rooms offer safe, friendly spaces to meet up and study with others.  Simply find a time that works with your schedule, read our study room guidelines, and join via Microsoft Teams.  You can even download some special library background images to help you feel that “in the library” vibe.   

“OHIO students have told us that being around their peers in the Libraries' study spaces helps inspire and motivate them to study hard and keep on task, observed Kelly Broughton, assistant dean of research and education services. “This effort is an experiment to see how we might be able to facilitate that same atmosphere in the digital environment now that so many of our students can't use the physical libraries like they used to.”

Each virtual study room is scheduled and moderated by a library student employee.  “Our student employees are leading this effort to make a welcoming peer study environment,” explained Joey Walden, student employee coordinator. “This was something we wanted from the beginning, and I am thrilled that this is something they can do, in a safe way, to help better the student experience during this pandemic.”

“I’m excited about the virtual study rooms because I think they are a  good alternative for students that are new to campus to socialize safely,” explains Hanna Johnson, a library student employee and virtual study room monitor.  Regardless of location, the study rooms are a great place for all students to study together.