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Camp Alden 2023 in pictures

Mimi Calhoun
September 13, 2023

Ohio University Libraries hosted yet another successful year of Camp Alden. The annual welcome week event is a great way to get back into the swing of OHIO and the Libraries. With fun activities such as s’mores making, a scavenger hunt and Dug the therapy dog, it’s no wonder this is some people’s favorite event of the semester. See below highlights through images from the event. 

Picture of cornhole set on the bricks during camp Alden 2023
OHIO students, faculty and staff gathered for the Libraries’ celebration to welcome students back to campus. For this year’s event, students were able to explore the floors of Alden Library via the scavenger hunt, button making, marshmallow roasting and more.


Photo of two people making buttons during Camp Alden 2023
Aneek Anwar, a graduate student, and Sakiha Tarnim, browse through magazines at the button making station during the Libraries’ annual Camp Alden. Students were able to repurpose magazines and materials to create their buttons.


Picture of student flipping through a magazine for art to add to their button
Sakiha Tarnim flips through a magazine to find the perfect image for his custom and one-of-a-kind button.


Picture of students holding up their completed scavenger hunt sheets
Tenley Stone and Sydney Hovatin, both freshman students, celebrate their completed scavenger hunt outside the fourth floor at Wolfe Garden. Students were able to explore the floors of Alden Library via the scavenger hunt to familiarize themselves with the Libraries’ spaces and resources.


Picture of three students trying to follow clues during the scavenger hunt
Sidney Shovlin, a freshman, Leighton Lamb, a student studying linguistics, and Edison Stamp, a student studying creative writing, look over a map of Alden Library’s many floors during the scavenger hunt. The activity is intended for both new and returning students alike to learn all about what the Libraries has to offer.


Picture of two students making smores
Gift Sukez, a graduate student, and Elaina Grube, a student studying cellular and molecular biology, roast marshmallows on a charcoal grill outside Alden Library’s fourth floor.


Picture to two marshmallows being toasted over a grill
The s’mores-making station was available for students to utilize with free marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate in order to make a classic summer treat.

Photos by Charlie Nick / Ohio University Libraries