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Full-Time Employment

Current postings for full-time positions, both hourly and contract, are listed at the Ohio University Jobs site.

Student Employment

As one of the largest employers on campus, the Libraries employs up to 200 students each year. We employ students seven days a week, from early morning to late night hours in a variety of work areas.  

  • Student jobs include processing and digitizing special collections; cataloging, ordering, and repairing materials, shelving and circulation, data entry, research assistance, technology support, social media, event planning, facilities support, and office work. 
  • Student employees work on every floor of Alden, including the Fine Arts Library, International Collections, and the Archives, as well as in the Music & Dance Library, the Library Annex on Columbus Road, and in our Regional Campus Libraries
  • Our student employees develop customer service, time management, leadership, information literacy, and collaborative skills.  

Student positions are posted through a variety of avenues at Ohio University: 

  • Federal Work-Study: provides on-campus employment to graduate and undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need. 
  • PACE: The Program to Aid Career Exploration (PACE) is an on-campus, internship-like work program sponsored by and unique to Ohio University. 
  • Student hourly employment at Ohio University: employment opportunities that are not funded by financial aid. 

Want more information about student library jobs? Check out our FAQ below! Still have questions? Please contact the Libraries.


Are there any perks to working in the library?

Your work schedule is based around your school schedule. While not every library job will have openings when you have free time, we try our best to maximize your allotted Federal Work Study award and work with your schedule. We understand you are students first and that you may rely on your student employment as a key contribution in covering your expenses.

You will work directly with many different specialists and experts in their respective fields beaming with knowledge, expertise, and personality. It will be the perfect time to learn or practice skills that will scaffold into your future careers: working with a diverse population, time management, collaboration, leadership, teamwork, independence, project management, etc.

While working at OHIO University Libraries, you will receive a longevity pay increase after each full year of work.

OHIO University Libraries has many events and workshops in which you can participate for professional growth and interact with your student colleagues. 

While working at OHIO University Libraries, you will have an opportunity to apply for our Friends of the Library Scholarship. Two $700 scholarships are awarded annually and only library student employees are eligible. The prompts for the applications usually involve how you interpret the value of libraries and their services to patrons, self-study, and communities.

What types of jobs are available in the libraries?

Students in the Archives and Digital Initiatives work with our vast special collections on a variety of projects, from social media campaigns to processing, scanning, transcription, and research support. Our collections students work with our vast general collections, while students in the Music & Dance Library, the Center for International Collections, and the Fine Arts Library work directly with our specialized collections. Our service desk, Multimedia Center, and Regional Campus Libraries students work directly with the public, while our Library Annex students work mainly with library staff. Each place of employment has different rewards and learning opportunities for scaffolding old skills to new skills.

What is it like working in the library as a student employee?

Student employees are an integral part of OHIO University Libraries and help patrons meet their academic and research needs by providing excellent customer service. You will work with library employees with many different specializations and skills. Library staff will encourage you and help you build the skills you need to succeed in your library position.

Library patrons are anyone who use our services and can include students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members. You will have an opportunity to serve and work beside a diverse group of people. Examples of diversity include, but are not limited to, age, ability, needs, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion/beliefs, language, or expression.

Student employees are to maintain OHIO University Libraries as a safe, inclusive academic environment for patrons and library employees. We maintain a culture of inclusion and a friendly, approachable atmosphere. We make decisions with patrons, staff, and student employees in mind, and communicate appropriately if conflicts arise. We learn from each other, help each other to thrive, and build each other up. We are all a part of the OHIO University community.

There aren’t any library jobs on the Ohio University Jobs website. Can I be notified when a new hourly job is posted?

Yes.  After creating an account on the Ohio University Jobs website, you can select areas of interest and will be notified by email when jobs in your interest areas are posted.  

What identification information is required to complete the I-9 portion of the hiring process?

You can find all the options for acceptable identification documentation on the official U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website.  Documents must be original and presented in person during your new hire appointment.  No copies, photographs, or digital versions of these documents can be accepted. 

What do current and former student employees have to say about working in the library?

OHIO Libraries’ student employees are an integral part of the team.  Students noted that working in the library has...

"Helped me come out of my shell and become more confident, as well as building strong relationships with those around me."

"Increased my success in my classes because I have so much information I can easily access."

"Helped me connect with other students."

"Given me the opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, work on my time management skills, given me a better work ethic and helped with financing my education."

Do the Libraries offer any assistantships with tuition waivers or stipends for graduate students?

We do offer a few assistantship opportunities in collaboration with select graduate programs. Ask your program director for more information.