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University Libraries ensures easy and rapid access to resources, whether locally or remotely held, regardless of format.

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Students Working on 4th Floor of Alden
Photo by Tyler Stabile/Ohio University Libraries

In this age of information, an increased emphasis is placed on the most up-to-date access tools and delivery systems, while at the same time, recognizing the importance of developing notable collections and preserving recorded knowledge for future use.

Also, most of our Libraries subscriptions to scholarly journals are now acquired online, but that doesn’t mean they are free of cost. In fact, 80 percent of today’s acquisitions budget is for online publications. Because University Libraries pays for these subscriptions, students and faculty are able to engage in their everyday classroom study and deeper research.

But regardless of the medium—paper, microfilm, the web, or digital collections—University Libraries is committed to acquiring and maintaining a comprehensive array of information that is accessible to students, faculty and scholars worldwide.

Through your support for Ohio University Libraries, we will continue to build the Libraries’ holdings, a benefit to all students and academic areas. Your support can make the difference between providing collections, facilities and services that provide these items in truly special and innovative ways.