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Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication (VisCom) is one of the top photojournalism programs in the country, and has been twice recognized as a Program of Excellence by the Ohio Board of Regents.

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Lynn Johnson Exhibit
Students explore Lynn Johnson Collection exhibit. (Photo by Kate Munsch/Ohio University Libraries)

Housed in the E.W. Scripps College of Communication, VisCom has produced award-winning photographers, photojournalists, and designers who work for media outlets around the world.

The school produces graduates who go on to work for organizations such as “Time” and “National Geographic,” often winning national awards for their work.

The collections of prominent alumni photojournalists, found in the Libraries’ archives, can help all colleges and schools to teach visual literacy. Photos from these collections can be used by current and future students, faculty, historians, political scientists and scholars in related fields.

The hundreds of thousands of images that have been donated must be arranged, cataloged and preserved so that they are discoverable—which is a timely and labor-intensive process. Storing and maintaining photographs requires a different process than caring for books and documents, and we need librarians and archivists who are image experts to manage them.

Your support toward a strong photo archive will reinforce the connection between the Libraries' resources and students in all classrooms.

Lynn Johnson Collection Support Fund

Lynn Johnson is a renowned photojournalist and alumna of OHIO’s School of Visual Communication. The collection includes her work with the Pittsburgh Press, LIFE, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, her on-set (and off-set) photography with Fred Rogers of the children’s television show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, and much more. Consisting of nearly two million images, including negatives, slides, proof sheets, and prints, and supporting documentation, such as articles, datebooks, and business records, the collection supports visual literacy education across the university, the study of documentary photography & photojournalism, and engagement with social and political issues across the world.

Funding for the Lynn Johnson Collection makes a substantial difference towards improving its discoverability, accessibility, and long-term preservation for use by students and researchers for years to come.