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Endowments at Ohio University Libraries are an investment in OHIO’s future. A university’s scholarly success depends on the strength of its library. Find out what endowment matches your interests below:

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Donald & Marian Spencer Endowment for African American Studies

Recognized as civic leaders in Cincinnati, Ohio, Marian and the late Donald Spencer spent their life together as promoters of civil rights. This endowment continues their legacy by enriching the educational experiences of students and researchers through the acquisition of materials documenting African American history, politics, arts, language, literature, music and culture.

Sydney & Sonya Buck Special Collections Fund

Funds from this endowment contribute to the growth of rare book collections housed in the Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections, the principal repository of rare and unique materials that support the education, research and creative mission of Ohio University.

Dr. You-Bao Shao Overseas Chinese Documentation & Research Center

Dr. You-Bao Shao established the Shao Center and its endowment to provide earnings to promote the international study of the Chinese diaspora though collecting publications, preserving historic materials, and creating and publishing new scholarly writings related to persons of Chinese descent residing outside of China and their influence on other cultures worldwide.

Library Preservation Endowment

This endowment was established to provide a permanent source of supplementary funding to enhance the Libraries’ preservation of collections through the Libraries Preservation and Digital Initiatives Department, which helps to ensure the availability of materials for future generations of students and scholars.

Hwa-Wei Lee Center for International Collections Endowment

The spirit of this endowment is to strengthen and support the center’s international research resources through long-term funding. Because of Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee’s crucial role, Ohio University Libraries serves as the official depository of publications of Botswana, Guatemala, Malaysia and Swaziland.

Friends of the Libraries Scholarship Fund

In 1999, the Friends established a scholarship fund designated to provide aid for the Libraries’ student employees in recognition of the important role that student assistants have in the Libraries’ operations. Since its beginnings, this fund has awarded students from a broad range of majors with scholarships to continue their education at Ohio University.

Marion Alden Endowment for Southeast Asian Library Collection

A gift from Dr. Vernon Alden to his wife Marion to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary, this endowment was created to honor Marion’s fondness for the University and her interest in Southeast Asia. These funds are essential in the purchase of important materials related to the art of Asia and Southeast Asia, including hard-to-find books, periodicals and electronic media from worlds away.

Quasi-Ohio University Contemporary History Institute Library Endowment

This long-term endowment allows the Contemporary History Institute (CHI) to enjoy a national and international reputation for excellence in historically-grounded analysis of contemporary world affairs through acquiring materials in the field of contemporary history and providing expanded library services for students and faculty.

Photojournalism Collection

This growing collection began with the donation of world-renowned photojournalist, Lynn Johnson’s archives, which include some of the thousands of photographs that have been printed and distributed worldwide for LIFE, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and various foundations. With added support the Photojournalism Collection will continue to grow and encompass even more award-winning collections.

Sydney & Sonya Buck Traditional Shakespearean Endowment

The material acquired through this endowment focus on the period in which Shakespeare lived, 16th and 17th century England, and give researchers a broader understanding of the historical context behind these influential writings. One of the materials purchased by the endowment is access to the World Shakespeare Bibliography Online, a database of Shakespeare-related scholarship and rare books.

Arts & Humanities Junior Faculty Endowment (AHJFE)

The AHJFE serves as an enticing recruitment tool to attract the best and brightest talent available to join the arts and humanities as tenure-track faculty. This endowment allows new faculty to purchase highly-specialized materials needed to support research, which also expands the breadth and depth of the Libraries’ collections.

Charles and Ruth Overby Library Endowment

In honor of Charles, former Baker Peace Committee member, and Ruth’s passion for peace and justice, this endowment provides funds designated to support prevention of war, violence and non-conflict resolution as well as academic exploration in the humanitarian causes.

The Raymond Gusteson Library Endowment

This endowment was established to sustain research by the Ohio University Political Science Department, where Professor Raymond Gusteson taught from 1947-1991. Funds are used to purchase books and materials for Alden Library in order to keep the search for political and legal understanding of our country alive.

1804 Special Library Endowment Fund

Perhaps the most versatile endowment, the 1804 Special Library Fund enables University Libraries to purchase unique special collections for the OHIO community in the effort to aid academic success. The endowment also funds special programs such as the Student Research and Creative Activity Expo and other causes the dean of the Libraries has deemed worthy.

Lynn Shostack Library Endowment for the Physically Challenged

The purpose of the Shostack endowment is to assist students, faculty and staff with disabilities to reach their full potential in ways that contribute to their academic studies, professional work or research.

Joseph Wayland and Helen Bosart Morgan Library Endowment

This endowment is used to expand the Morgan Collection of the History of Chemistry, housed in Alden Library’s Mahn Center, through the discretion of the dean of the Libraries and the support of the Department of Chemistry.

Edward and Claudette Stevens Library Endowment

This endowment supports the acquisition of materials related to the history of primary and secondary education in the United States to broaden student, faculty and researchers’ knowledge of the education system leading up to today.