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Professional Development Pathways launches Peer-Learning Network to build Microsoft Excel skills

The Peer-Learning Network (PLN) promotes professional development for OHIO University staff and faculty through the creation of an informal university-wide learning community.  The goal is to connect employees across campuses to help them find and provide relevant and timely skill-specific training.   Within this framework, employees with strong content knowledge, known as Content Leaders, help other employees (Content Seekers) improve their skills in a targeted subject area through 1:1 assistance and larger workshop-based trainings.

The initial focus for PLN is on building Microsoft Excel skills, so if you would like to put your Excel skills to use by helping other faculty and staff in the OHIO Community, please discuss this opportunity with your supervisor, and then register to become a Content Leader. More details are available on the Peer-Learning Network page

Content Leaders will participate in an orientation session, a facilitation skills workshop, and skills confirmation before assisting Content Seekers. All PLN activities take place during work hours, so participants need to discuss participation and obtain supervisor approval prior to registering.

If you know someone who would be an excellent Content Leader, please nominate them using the Content Leader Nomination Form.

The nominee will then receive a personal invitation with information about the PLN registration process.

We are excited about this newest addition to the Professional Development Pathways program and look forward to providing additional Information about participating in PLN as a “Content Seeker” after Content Leaders have been selected and trained.