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Professional Development Pathways to transition to new eLearning platform for OHIO employees

June 1, 2022

Ohio University’s Professional Development Program (PDP) has been offering a large selection of professionally created eLearning experiences to employees through Skillsoft’s Skillport platform since August 2019. Many of these experiences have been included in one or more Pathways within the PDP. This relationship has been extended, and PDP will be transitioning to Skillsoft’s updated eLearning platform, Percipio, effective June 24, 2022.

The transition to Percipio is designed to provide a better overall eLearning experience through robust content curation and progress tracking features.

New features of the platform include:

  • Personalized learning management that allows Percipio to generate content suggestions based on each user’s professional development interests 
  • Improved self-tracking tools for learning progress
  • Expanded library of eLearning resources including live sessions, webinars, and new professional certification study courses
  • Productivity enhancement tools to help incorporate professional development into weekly scheduling

The new Percipio platform will be launched on Friday, June 24 which means access to the current Skillport platform will no longer be available as of that date. 

Users who have started or are currently working on completing Skillsoft eLearning modules in Skillport, or through one of the PDP Pathways, must have completed these experiences by end of day on June 23 so that completion records can be transferred to the new system.  When Percipio opens on June 24, any incomplete experiences will no longer be available.

OHIO’s PDP is excited about these changes and looks forward to providing an enhanced eLearning experience to all full-time and part-time staff and faculty on June 24, 2022.

For questions about Skillsoft eLearning opportunities, please contact Michael Greene at