Ohio University

Notice to Employees of Request for Recognition

Ohio University Employee:

On January 22, 2020, Ohio University received notice that Ohio Council 8, American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), AFL-CIO, filed with the State Employment Relations Board a Request for Recognition on behalf of all full-time and regular part-time clerical and technical employees (aka classified employees) at Ohio University.  The Notice to Employees of Request for Recognition, including the Request for Recognition and a detailed list of the positions included in the proposed bargaining unit, are attached hereto.  By filing this request, the filing employee organization (AFSCME, Ohio Council 8) alleges that a majority of the employees in the proposed bargaining unit wish to be represented for purposes of collective bargaining by the employee organization.  Further, the employee organization requests that the employer (Ohio University) recognize it as the exclusive representative for purposes of collective bargaining. This request is filed in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code Rules 4117-3-01 and 4117-3-03.

In accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 4117.05, the Notice to Employees of Request for Recognition has been posted at University Human Resources and your work locations.  This notice is also posted on the Ohio University Human Resources website. As specified in the Notice to Employees of Request for Recognition, objections to the recognition of this Employee Organization must be filed with the State Employment Relations Board, 65 East State Street, 12th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215-4213, no later than the twenty-first day following the date the Employer received the Request for Recognition. 

Should you have questions regarding this Notice, please do not hesitate to contact the following: 

Michelle R. Evans, Associate General Counsel, AFSCME Ohio Council 8- Telephone:  (614) 841-1918

Debra Prots, Labor Relations Specialist, State Employment Relations Board- Telephone: (614) 644-6278

Michael Courtney, Associate General Counsel, Ohio University - Telephone: (740) 593-1643