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AFSCME 3200 Drive for donations for Sick Leave Pool now underway

Human Resources is currently soliciting donations for the AFSCME 3200 Bargaining Unit Sick Leave Pool portion of the Sick Leave Donation program. 

As indicated in the bargaining agreement, donors can donate directly to an AFSCME 3200 staff member or to the Sick Leave Pool. Donors must retain a minimum of 80.0 hours (10 days) of sick leave after a donation.  Donations must be made in 8 hour increments. 

If you are interested in donating to the Sick Leave Pool, complete the Sick Leave Donation Form and submit it to Human Resources at uhr@ohio.edu

Once approved, the sick leave accrued by the donator will be reduced accordingly and transferred to the pool. 

Donations to the pool and to individuals are irrevocable.  

Apply to receive sick leave
If in need of sick leave, individuals can complete the Request to Receive Donated Sick Leave Form.  The request form should be submitted to uhr@ohio.edu.  Human Resources will review, and if appropriate, approve the request. Once approved, Human Resources will transfer sick leave from the sick leave pool and may solicit donations. 

For further information regarding the AFSCME 3200 Sick Leave Donation Program contact Human Resources at 740-593-1636 or uhr@ohio.edu