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Patton College Graduate Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to provide Patton College graduate students with important information about requirements for graduate-level study in the college. The handbook consists of 9 sections, including this introduction. 

This handbook has been prepared by The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education (Patton College) with input from the college's Research and Graduate Studies Committee, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Manager of Graduate Records, and graduate faculty.  The Patton College Graduate Student Affairs Office is located in Patton Hall Room 125D. While your faculty advisor will provide you with guidance as you progress through your graduate studies, and we urge you always to consult with them first, procedural clarifications can be sought by contacting The Patton College's Graduate Student Records Manager (740-593-4411).

The Patton College of Education has four academic departments that offer master’s programs:

  • The Department of Counseling and Higher Education offers three master's programs: (i) Counseling, (ii) Higher Education, and (iii) College Student Personnel. The counseling master's program includes three tracks: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling, and School Counseling (Athens and Online). Both the Rehabilitation Counseling and School Counseling tracks include the Clinical Mental Health Curriculum.
  • The Department of Educational Studies offers master's programs in (i) Educational Leadership, (ii) Computer Education and Technology, and (iii) Educational Research and Evaluation.
  • The Department of Recreation, Sports Pedagogy, and Consumer Sciences offers master's programs in (i) Coaching Education (online), (ii) Coaching Education (on-campus), Coaching Education - Soccer Track, (iii) Parks, Recreation, Hospitality, and Tourism, and (iv) Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising.
  • The Department of Teacher Education offers master's level initial licensure programs in (i) Adolescent to Young Adult Education, (ii) Middle Childhood Education, and (iii) Special Education-Intervention Specialist (online). It also offers advanced master's programs in (i) Curriculum and Instruction (online), and (ii) Reading Education (online).

The Patton College of Education has three academic departments which offer doctoral programs:

  • The Department of Counseling and Higher Education offers doctoral programs in (1) counselor education and supervision and (2) higher education.
  • The Department of Educational Studies offers doctoral programs in (1) educational administration, (2) educational research and evaluation, and (3) instructional technology.
  • The Department of Teacher Education offers doctoral programs in (1) curriculum and instruction, (2) mathematics education, (3) science education, and (4) social studies education.

The information provided in this handbook references the policies and procedures of both Ohio University (OHIO) and The Patton College of Education. The OHIO Graduate Catalog and the OHIO Student Code of Conduct provide valuable information about graduate studies at the university. Academic departments may additionally have a master’s handbook, departmental policies, and program policies with more specific standards and guidelines. You are responsible for knowing university, college, department, and program regulations and for complying with all applicable policies and procedures. For information regarding departmental policies as well as faculty schedules (including office hours) please contact the following:

  • Department of Counseling and Higher Education, 432 Patton Hall, 740-593-4444
  • Department of Educational Studies, 302 Patton Hall, 740-593-4423
  • Department of Recreation, Sports Pedagogy and Consumer Sciences, 202 Patton Hall, 740-593-4656
  • Department of Teacher Education, 309 Patton Hall, 740-593-4424

Below is a list of resources that can support your academic needs during your graduate studies.

Student Accessibility Services

This office is available to ensure equal opportunity and access for members of the Ohio University community. Students should register as appropriate and make their needs known to faculty members. The Office of Accessibility Services will contact faculty with guidance for supporting students based on their identified needs.

University Library

The university library is one of the most important information sources. The Alden Library is located at Park Place, College Green; most library services, such as online library catalog (ALICE), and inter-library loan/document delivery (ILLiad), are available online. 

The Patton College of Education Center for Technology and Online Programs (CTOP)

The CTOP is located on the second floor of Patton Hall, 740-593-4451. A variety of equipment, such as digital recording devices, laptops, and video cameras are available to Patton College students for loan. Services such as student project workrooms may be reserved through CTOP.  A variety of study spaces are available for student use throughout Patton Hall.

Organizations/Committee Involvement

The Graduate Student Senate represents graduate students at Ohio University. If you are interested in learning more about or serving on the Senate, visit the organization at 305B Baker University Center.

There are opportunities to serve on certain department and college committees as well. Please contact your department to learn which committees are open to graduate student representation. The Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies issues periodic calls for student representation on college committees.

Internet Addresses

The Patton College of Education’s E-Newsletter and other information are mailed to your Ohio University email account. Because this account is Ohio University's official email address for communication.  You must check your account daily. If you do not use your Ohio University account as your primary email account, make sure to forward all messages from that account to your primary account.

There are additional resources for graduate students on the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies website. 

Patton College forms referenced in this handbook are available on the Patton College website.

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