Ohio University

Counseling and Higher Education Graduate Programs

Doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision

Doctoral study in Counselor Education and Supervision at Ohio University is designed to provide advanced preparation for counselors in counseling, supervision, teaching, research and scholarship, and leadership and advocacy in order to serve as counselor education faculty in colleges and universities and counseling leaders in public and private educational, human services, and mental health settings. The first Ph.D. degree from the counselor education program was granted in 1962.

Doctorate in Higher Education

Ohio University is the only institution in southeastern Ohio that offers a doctoral program in Higher Education. Its faculty includes internationally recognized scholars who can deliver up-to-date knowledge about Higher Education with the academic rigor that is demanded in Ph.D. studies.

Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The mission of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program Specialization is to prepare highly competent professional counselors with an integrated counseling style, characterized by the recognition of the need to work with a client in a variety of areas including cognitive processes, feelings, and behavioral processes.

Master's in Clinical Mental Health and Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling

The mission of the Master's Program in Clinical Mental Health [CMH]/Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling at Ohio University is designed to provide quality instruction and supervised experience designed to prepare professional rehabilitation counselors who are committed to facilitating the personal, vocational and economic independence of individuals with disabilities.

Master's in College Student Personnel

The graduate degree program in College Student Personnel (CSP) is a nationally respected, full-time, cohort-based program, taking two academic years to complete. Individuals from across the country come to Ohio University to study in the Master's in College Student Personnel program. Approximately 25 students enroll each year in this cohort-based program. Over the past forty years, our graduates have attained significant leadership positions in colleges, universities, and professional associations.

Master's in Higher Education Online

The Master’s in Higher Education program is 100% designed for individuals who wish to advance their knowledge and skills while working within higher education settings. The program provides participants with a broad knowledge of the history, purposes and contexts of higher education; leadership; organizational dynamics; the learning environment; and research concepts and methods.

Master's in School Counseling

The mission of the Master’s Program Specialization in School Counseling is to prepare highly competent professional school counselors to effectively serve the Pre-K-12 population by assuming leadership and advocacy roles to promote optimum development for all students, including those from low income and culturally diverse populations.