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Counselor Education Graduate Program Handbook

Counselor Education Graduate Program Handbook

Welcome to the Counselor Education (CE) Program at Ohio University!

This handbook is designed as a reference for program expectations, available resources, and requirements for the master’s (M.Ed.) and doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees in Counselor Education (CE) in the Department of Counseling and Higher Education (CHE).

Faculty strive to motivate and support students to successfully complete their program and are prepared to help students with concerns. Each student is assigned an academic faculty advisor at the beginning of the program and is strongly encouraged to work closely with their advisors. During the first semester, students will work with their advisor to develop a program of study plan (under "Master's Student Forms). It is recommended students complete paperwork requiring an advisor's signature during their first semester (typically Fall) to ensure timely submission of forms and program completion. Students need to communicate with their advisors and keep them apprised of any actions taken that may affect progress. This assists in developing a collaborative plan to complete the program successfully.

In addition to faculty advisors, the CE Program Coordinator, CE Practicum and Internship Coordinator, and CHE Department chair are available to assist students. The CE program is comprised of a diverse faculty with a variety of backgrounds, areas of research interest(s), and service activities. In addition to offering unique areas of counseling expertise, each faculty member is actively involved in the profession through leadership, scholarship, and service. Students are encouraged to learn more about faculty members and explore opportunities for involvement and collaboration.

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