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Kevin Cordi

Headshot of Kevin Cordi, outside.  He is wearing a dark shirt with white stripes.
Assistant Professor
Teacher Education
Brasee Hall 505, Lancaster Campus

Dr. Cordi holds a doctorate in Storytelling and Education (Drama, Literature, Reading, Language, and Culture) from The Ohio State University. He teaches literacy and education classes at Ohio University Lancaster where he serves as the Middle Childhood Coordinator. He currently serves on the National Advisory Board for Teaching Tolerance with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Chair for Storytelling for the National Council Teachers of English. His major research interests include content and disciplinary literacy, equity education, narrative pedagogy, and The Currere Method. He believes that deep listening to his students is as important as the curriculum he teaches. Dr. Cordi believes there is a powerful story at Ohio University and every day his students show him it is true.

Most Recent Publications:

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Goss, A., Garlough, D., Cordi, K., Kieffer, R., & Akyeampong, A. (2020, April). Looking back and moving forward: Transforming an education department toward multiculturalism. The Ohio Journal of Teacher Education, 34(1), 101-130.

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Cordi, K. (2012). Using drama to create fictional worlds. California English, 18(2), 19-22.


Invited Publications

Cordi, K. (2017). Mastermind article: Inviting personal movement in the telling process. Storytelling Magazine, 29(1), 5.

Cordi, K. (2014). Playing with stories: Talking out the trouble to find story direction. Suspense Magazine (online), 26, 12-15. 

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Chapters in Edited Books   

Cordi, K. (2017). Young adults tell stories: How to tell stories with teens. In J. M. Del Negro & M. A. Kimball (Eds.), Engaging teens with story: How to inspire and educate youth with storytelling (p. 109-129). Libraries Unlimited.



Cordi, K. (2019). You don’t know Jack: An American storyteller goes to school: Examining how narrative affects learning. University of Mississippi Press.

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