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College Coordinating Council

The Patton College Coordinating Council, chaired by the Dean, is the formal administrative leadership body charged with addressing challenges that impede the success and effectiveness of faculty, staff, and students. Take a moment to view our PCOE Organizational Chart (PDF).

Purpose of the Council:

  1. To encourage a constructive, positive, and affirming culture that fosters performance, progress, and prominence.
  2. To address challenges that impede the success and effectiveness of faculty, staff, and students.
  3. To steward the common vision guiding The Patton College toward performance, progress, and prominence.
  4. To develop and maintain a strong sense of community, essential to breaking down silos, territorialism, and other dysfunctional elements.
  5. To encourage collaboration and professional autonomy in solving problems across and within units of The Patton College.
  6. To provide technical and psychosocial support across and within units of the College.

Functions of the Council:

  1. Establishes and maintains open lines of communication among a diverse community of leaders essential in carrying out the mission and vision of The Patton College.
  2. Provides an intentional and purposeful venue for communicating needs for information, resources and support.
  3. Engages in ongoing professional development experiences and activities necessary for effective leadership and management.
  4. Provides support in the development, facilitation, and implementation of solutions to promote greater efficiency and effectiveness across and within units of the College.

Council Members:

Professor and Department Chair, Teacher Education
Teacher Education McCracken Hall 309EE
Lisa Frasure Profile Picture
Lisa Frasure
Director of the Child Development Center
The Ridges Building 27
Professor & Department Chair, Recreation and Sport Pedagogy
Recreation and Sport Pedagogy McCracken Hall 202F
Professor and Department Chair, Counseling and Higher Education
Counseling and Higher Education McCracken Hall 432B
Associate Professor and Department Chair, Educational Studies
Educational Studies McCracken Hall 302W
Department Chair, Human and Consumer Sciences
Human and Consumer Sciences McCracken Hall 121E
Wendy Adams Profile Picture
Wendy Adams
Director of Assessment & Academic Improvement
Dean's Office McCracken Hall 102I
Maureen Coon Profile Picture
Maureen Coon
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Academic Advising
Dean's Office McCracken Hall 103S
Coleen Dietsch-Krubl Profile Picture
Coleen Dietsch-Krubl
Project Manager, College Bound
College Bound McCracken Hall 125A
Linda Fife Profile Picture
Linda Fife
Director of the Institute for Democracy in Education
McCracken Hall 406A
Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies; Professor
Dean's Office, McCracken Hall 102H
Associate Professor
Educational Studies McCracken Hall 302R
Director of the Center for Clinical Practice in Education
Clinical Practice in Education McCracken Hall 125A
Director of the OHIO Center for Equity in Mathematics and Science (OCEMS) Associate Professor of Instruction
McCracken Hall 321A
Lindsey Ladd Profile Picture
Lindsey Ladd
Director, Data Analytics and Academic Technology Center
Dean's Office McCracken Hall 102T
Beth Lydic Profile Picture
Beth Lydic
Administrative and Financial Officer
Dean's Office McCracken Hall 102R
Dean of the Patton College of Education
Dean's Office McCracken Hall 102L
Hannah Nissen Profile Picture
Hannah Nissen
Dean, Campus and Community Relations Zanesville Campus
Elson Hall 125, Zanesville Campus
Associate Dean for Academic Engagement and Outreach
Dean's Office McCracken Hall 102F
Chip Rice Profile Picture
Chip Rice
Research Grants Development Coordinator
Dean's Office McCracken Hall 102D