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Master of Financial Economics: Ohio University– National Economics University (1+1 Program)


The program requires 52 credit hours: 20 hours in Economics, 20 hours in Finance, 8 hours in Accounting, and 4 hours for a research project/Internship.

  1. Managerial Accounting (MFE 6100)
  2. Macroeconomics and Business Fluctuations (MFE 6010)
  3. Financial Statement Analysis (MFE 6110)
  4. Quantitative Analysis for Financial Markets (MFE 6000)
  5. Managerial Economics (MFE 6050)
  6. Fixed Income Analysis (MFE 6500)
  7. Corporate Finance (MFE 6200)
  8. Portfolio Theory (MFE 6230)
  9. Statistics and Economics: Theory and Application MFE 6390)
  10. International Trade and Financial Economics (MFE 6400)
  11. Financial Derivatives (MFE 6440)
  12. Quantitative Analysis in Equity Markets (MFE 6220)
  13. Master’s Paper (MFE 6960) or Internship (MFE 6910)

The program is structured so that all academic requirements can be completed in two years. Six courses will be taken in Vietnam and taught by professors from the National Economics University. The remaining seven courses will be taught by faculty members at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. To finish the program, participants will complete research project or take an internship with a financial company in the U.S. or Vietnam.

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