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Economics alum Allison Ricket gives a talk on campus.
Economics Degrees for Undergraduates

An Economics Degree Lets You Explore Policies, Decision Making & Tradeoffs

Almost every decision – in society, finance, business, policy and more – is made with some level of cost-benefit analysis. In other words, most people make decisions after weighing the pros and cons. In Ohio University’s economics degree programs, you’ll get the tools and specialized knowledge to make those analyses in life and in your career, wherever that may be.

Far from being a major only for working on Wall Street, our economics major emphasizes critical thinking and applying economic concepts to many different situations and fields. Social issues that are important to you, for example, can be studied through an economic lens, leading to new insights and policies. A bachelor of economics from Ohio University is a versatile degree, perfect for future researchers, non-profit leaders, policymakers, business executives, advisors, and so much more!

Choose What You Want to Learn

Economics majors at Ohio University can pick between two bachelor’s degrees in economics: a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) or a Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Economics.

  • B.A. in Economics

    The Economics B.A. emphasizes an analytical yet humanistic approach and empowers you to apply economic analysis techniques to various problems and fields, from education to journalism to financial services. The  degree program covers topics ranging from microeconomics to macroeconomics while emphasizing the collective behavior of large groups such as businesses, governments and countries. 

    Economics B.A.

  • B.S. in Economics

    The B.S. in Economics degree emphasizes mathematics more than its counterpart and incorporates more classes on statistical analyses and computational skills. It’s the prime choice for those who want to use economics for mathematical modeling or in more traditional sectors, like finance.

    B.S. in Economics

Choose Where You Want to Learn


Consider an Economics Minor

Students in a variety of majors often add a Minor in Economics to get an overview of microeconomics and macroeconomics. They also get to choose courses in various fields of economics, such as labor economics, international economics, or environmental and energy economics.

Students in the 2024 Economics of Altruism course designated a gift to The Hive in Nelsonville.
Students in the 2024 Economics of Altruism course designated a gift to The Hive in Nelsonville while getting valuable career-prep experience engaging with community partners.

Careers in Economics

What can you do with an economics degree? Well, there are almost too many possible economics jobs to count. Based on the electives you take at Ohio University and your personal preferences, you could pursue careers in economics like:

  • Economist
  • Non-profit leader
  • Policy analyst or advisor
  • Data scientist
  • Financial analyst
  • Journalist
  • Statistician
  • Auditor
  • Educator
  • Stockbroker
  • Actuary
  • Market research analyst

Post-grad Opportunities for Economics Majors

Your imagination is the only limit to your post-grad opportunities as an economics major. Many students with an undergraduate degree in economics go to law school or pursue graduate degrees in Economics, Finance, International Studies, Public Policy, Development, or Business Administration. You can apply your skills in traditional fields, like finance or business, or bring your economic expertise to areas like social work, public policy, and much more. Since our economics degree graduates already have work experience by their senior years, you’ll be well-positioned to apply for high-paying jobs from day one as a college grad.


Alternatively, you can stay in school to earn an advanced graduate degree in economics. Ohio University’s M.A. in Economics is a one-year program with small class sizes, facilitating excellent student-to-teacher interactions. The courses in the program emphasize advanced quantitative analysis methods, and the program overall is perfect for future researchers, Ph.D. students, and business executives.

Sam Kissinger, portrait

Get Hands-on Experience with Your Economics Degree

Our economics programs provide important experiential learning opportunities for students. What you learn in the classroom is also valuable and applicable in the field, so you’ll get the chance to participate in research projects and give back.

  • Tackle an Internship for Credit

    In our bachelor of economics programs, your internship won’t just give you valuable work experience, it also counts for up to three credits, helping you progress toward your degree while giving you confidence and capabilities that are sure to impress employers.

  • Participate in Altruism Projects That Help the Community

    Many economics students choose to take the Economics of Altruism course, where they study why people help others and why they give to various causes. The class includes being able to make a significant foundation donation to one of the community projects that the class studies.

  • Attend Economics Seminars at OHIO

    Ohio University hosts a variety of economics-related seminars and other events. Jump into these meetings to get valuable insights from keynote speakers and professional economic experts working in many different fields.

  • Meet One-On-One with Econ Alumni

    Every semester, OHIO economics alums come back to the university to meet one-on-one with current undergrads. These meetings are prime opportunities to learn more about future career prospects, explore the dizzying variety of economics jobs you can pursue with a bachelor’s degree in economics, and much more.

  • Assist Faculty with Research

    Some economics undergrads opt to assist faculty with research projects. Economics research projects at Ohio University currently focus on fields like energy and environmental economics, international economics, and development and behavioral economics.

  • Showcase Your Work at the Student Research Expo

    Join hundreds of OHIO student researchers and present your work at the annual Student Research and Creativity Expo held each spring. Bring your poster presentation and talk about your work with faculty and alumni judges as you compete for awards and recognition. 

Why Choose an Economics Degree?

Few college majors are applicable to practically any industry, but economics is one of them. Indeed, an economics degree can be used to:

  • Help businesses with profit
  • Ensure that local political groups and representatives make the right decisions
  • Inform voters
  • Assist with sustainability and conservation
  • Improve industries
  • And more

Some incoming students don’t want a degree that only lets them work in a single field for the rest of their lives. A bachelor’s degree in economics from Ohio University ensures you’ll be able to work anywhere and in almost any field from the start. It’s the perfect credential needed to unleash your professional possibilities.

Don’t forget the high average rate of pay! Economics is one of the highest-paid majors available at Ohio University overall. You could find yourself very financially well-off just a year or two after graduating.

Student Support Resources for Economics Majors

Economics students can take advantage of many different support resources during their time at school, including mentorship from their experienced teachers. Every faculty member at the College of Arts and Sciences intimately understands the challenges of college life – and they’re well-prepared to help you graduate on time and have what you need to thrive.

In terms of financial support, economics students can investigate a variety of undergraduate scholarships and awards. Many of these scholarships are available to qualified undergraduate or graduate students after completing an essay or maintaining a certain GPA.

You’ll also find support from your peers. Join economics student organizations, like the Economics Society of Ohio University, to network with fellow college learners, get invitations to unique speaking events, and broaden your social horizons. It’s a great way to make friends and find people chasing the same dreams as you!

The OHIO Experience for Economics Majors

Economics majors at Ohio University progress through a well-rounded and comprehensive degree program. More than learning the ins and outs of a subject as broad as economics, our graduates’ experiences arm them with critical thinking and empower them to solve a variety of complex issues in society, business and much more.

The experiential learning at OHIO – more than any other factor – ensures that grads get the practical economic skills and opportunities they need to thrive in any future position. You’ll spend just as much time outside the classroom and in the surrounding Athens area working on projects as you will at your desk. If you want a full college experience that opens many potential doors for your career, the Bachelor of Economics program is the best to pursue.


What Kind of Classes Would You Take in Economics?

It depends on your interests! You can take elective classes from any of these concentrations:

  • Environmental Economics & Sustainability
  • Labor, Gender & Health
  • Data Analysis
  • Economic Development
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Pre-Law & Policy Analysis
  • International Economics
  • Monetary Economics & Finance

See the Requirements & Elective Courses for the B.A. in Economics.