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Economics Undergraduate Degrees

The Economics Department offers two bachelor's degrees and a minor in economics.

The B.A. in Economics program emphasizes an analytical approach used in problem solving, observation, inference from data, and presentation skills.  

The B.S. in Economics program focuses on a mathematical approach to economics as well as related computational skills and statistical analysis.

A dual major also is possible with any other discipline in the College of Arts & Sciences, providing all college requirements are met and the requirements for the full major are met in both disciplines.

Launch Your Career with an Economics Major

An undergraduate degree in economics can prepare you for careers in business, financial services, banking, government, education, journalism — and get you ready for graduate school. Economics graduates are in high demand in both the public and private sectors and often work as budget analysts, survey researchers, and management and operations analysts. 

Careers in Economics

Sam Kissinger, portrait

Where can an Economics Degree Take You? Anywhere You Lead

Imagine the impact…

The choices consumers make each day—buying, selling, working, voting, breaking laws and more. The choices firms face—what to sell, whether to pollute, who to hire, and how much to pay. The power governments have to tax, spend and regulate.

Solve 21st century problems…

Now picture yourself diving into the data to figure out why people make decisions— and how they affect our world.

Chuyang Wu at her internship

Thinkers. Leaders. Changemakers.

Here’s what ECON students at Ohio University have done recently:

  • Studied possible gentrification along a mountain bike trail in nearby Wayne National Forest.
  • Analyzed the economic impact of redeveloping a brownfield site for the Zanesville City Council.
  • Researched food economies in developing regions of the world.
  • Interned at Five Guys, BET Networks, the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service, and BorgWarner Powertrain.
  • Connected with alumni who work at multinational corporations, capital management firms, and government agencies.
See College of Arts & Sciences alumni changemakers.
Economics of Altruism class studies Bailey's Trail

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