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Get Started

Do you need to speak to a counselor? Are you new, or returning after a break from receiving services? Great!

To get started, drop-in between 9:45 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. at Hudson Health Center 3rd Floor, or schedule an initial appointment by scheduling online or calling the mainline at 740.593.1616.

In a crisis or emergency, we recommend you seek more immediate support.

What to Expect

In your initial 20-25 minute appointment, you will briefly share your concerns and basic information about how you're functioning, discuss appropriate services, and choose next steps. If you are seeking individual therapy services, the counselor you meet with for this initial appointment may not be your assigned counselor. If you are seeking to be paired with a specific counselor, you can make this request to the counselor you meet with in your initial appointment. We will do our best to meet your request. Please note, Interpreter Services are available.

Scheduling Information

You may schedule online if you:

  • Are new to CPS
  • Experienced a lapse in services longer than 3 months 
  • Are enrolled on the Athens Campus  
  • Are located in Ohio

Please note, the online scheduling option is for INITIAL APPOINTMENTS ONLY.

Learn More About Scheduling Online

We recommend calling to schedule if you: 

  • Are experiencing a crisis or emergency 
  • Are mandated to attend sessions (i.e., BASICS Program)
  • Are interested in Relationship (Couples) Counseling
  • Are already established with a CPS provider 
  • Are interested in Telehealth (Zoom) 
  • Are a Regional or OHIO Online Student 
  • Are located outside of Ohio 
  • Have additional questions or concerns not covered on this page 
  • Do not want to use the online scheduling option 

Not currently enrolled on the Athens Campus? 

CPS services are only available for currently enrolled students. If you have graduated or are not currently enrolled and need to identify a treatment provider, please use our Community Provider Database, see Regional and OHIO Online resources, or call 740.593.1616 to consult with us about other provider options and services. 

Looking for services for faculty and staff? 

If you are a faculty/staff member, please call 1.800.227.6007 for Impact Employee Assistance Program. CPS services are for OHIO students enrolled through the Athens campus and located in Ohio. 

You are welcome to call us at 740.593.1616 if you have questions about scheduling or eligibility. 


Hudson Health Center

Hudson Health Center is located in the North Green, coordinates I-3 on the campus map. It is marked as #48 on the map. The address is 2 Church St., Athens, OH 45701 (Directions).

Ohio University’s CATS Daily Campus shuttles Purple Loop has a stop at the Class Gateway on the College Green, near Hudson Health Center. You may also consider Ohio University’s Accessible Transit Services (CATCAB).

Once you arrive to the Hudson Health Center, you may enter either side entrance and take the stairs to the third floor. You may also enter the front door on the first floor, turn right toward OhioHealth Urgent Care, turn left at their desk to locate the elevator on your left, and take the elevator to the third floor. There is also a loading dock area on the west side of the building where you may enter; the elevator is immediately inside the door, which you may take to the third floor. The front and loading dock entrances are accessible. If you locate Hudson Health Center and are unsure how to locate Counseling and Psychological Services, please call 740.593.1616 for assistance. 



Telehealth services are available to students who are currently enrolled, reside in the state of Ohio, and have been screened as being appropriate for mental health services through Telehealth. This service is conducted via Zoom. 

Learn More About Telehealth     Get Started on Zoom

Costs for Services

Ohio University Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) does not bill health insurance. 

Students enrolled in The OHIO Guarantee Tuition Plan

Students in the OHIO Guarantee tuition plan are eligible for services without additional cost. All services are free. 

Students not enrolled in The OHIO Guarantee Tuition Plan

Students who are not enrolled in The OHIO Guarantee Tuition Plan are automatically enrolled in the Wellbeing Fee, a university program that helps reduce patient costs for services at CPS. 

If the Wellbeing Fee is not waived, there is no additional cost for services at CPS during the semester in which the fee is paid. 

If the Wellbeing Fee is waived, students may pay $20 per individual therapy session, $75 per semester for group therapy, $90 for a psychiatry intake, and $60 per psychiatry follow-up appointment.

Please note, if the Wellbeing Fee has already been waived, students may re-enroll in the Wellbeing Fee if they are seeking services at Counseling and Psychological Services by emailing

Learn More About the Wellbeing Fee

No-Show Fees

There are no-show fees regardless of The OHIO Guarantee/Wellbeing Fee status. Fees for not showing for a scheduled session are $20 per individual therapy session, $20 per group therapy session, $90 per psychiatry intake, and $60 per psychiatry follow-up appointment. 

Unsure of what you need?

Just want to talk to a counselor? Our staff are available for drop-in appointments with new or returning clients, in-person or by phone.

Drop-In Hours
Monday–Friday,  9:45 a.m.–3:15 p.m. at Hudson Health Center 3rd Floor. 

CALL THE MAIN LINE: 740.593.1616