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Outreach and Consultation

Through outreach and consultation programming, Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) aims to foster an interconnected and inclusive campus community that is well-informed and empowered to support the mental well-being of every Bobcat. 

We offer deliberate, systematic, and creative psychoeducational programming that emphasizes a multicultural and developmental perspective on prevention, well-being, and student self-help. We promote the wide range of services offered at CPS and connect students to those services, as well as respond and react to the psychological, emotional, and safety needs that emerge across campus (e.g., crises impacting the Bobcat community, identifiable patterns or trends of behaviors that negatively impact the psychological well-being of students). We develop strong liaison partnerships with offices, organizations, and departments across campus, aiming to create a safe and healthy campus environment and to support the Division of Student Affairs' well-being framework. And, we utilize social media to provide information to the OHIO community about Counseling & Psychological Services, provide educational material related to mental health and well-being, and share well-being related materials from other OHIO offices. 

To support us in our mission, Ohio University is a member institution of the Association for University and College Counseling Center Outreach (AUCCCO).

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Request Outreach Programming and Interviews

Outreach programming is available to student organizations, university departments, faculty, and staff. Programming can include psychoeducational presentations, attending tabling events, and some interviews. 

Common Topics

Adjustment to collegeAnxiety (general, social, test)Conflict resolution and communicationDepression
Eating and body image concernsHealthy relationshipsSelf-care and wellbeingStress management
Substance abuseSuicide preventionOverview of CPS servicesCrisis debriefing

Ground Rules

  1. Please submit your outreach request a minimum of three weeks prior to your preferred event date. Exceptions to the three weeks notice rule include urgent responses to crises. 
  2. Fulfillment of requests is contingent upon scheduling and staff availability.
  3. If you are requesting an interview, please note that any material that will be published in any format (e.g., print, audio, digital) must receive special permissions from University Communications and Marketing. We will notify you of this upon your request.  
  4. If you are a staff member in Housing & Residence Life and want to request an outreach activity for your residents, please contact the Counselor-in-Residence Program.  

Submit Your Request

Please click the 'Submit a Request' button below and complete the linked form to submit your outreach request. If you have any questions about submitting an outreach request, please contact the Assistant Director for Outreach and Consultation Stephanie Maccombs-Hunter at

Submit a Request

Liaison Services

One component of our outreach and consultation programming is the CPS Liaison Program. CPS Liaisons facilitate close relationships between the counseling center and campus and community partners. 

As an entity partnering with a CPS Liaison, you will:

  • Have direct access to a contact person within CPS (i.e., the CPS Liaison).
  • Commit to a mutual ongoing exchange of information with the CPS Liaison.
  • Attend consultation meetings with the CPS Liaison at least twice per academic year.
  • Receive support from the CPS Liaison in identifying the mental health and well-being needs of your department, organization, or group, and receive support in addressing those needs.
  • Offer support to the CPS Liaison in their efforts to address your mental health and well-being needs (e.g., support in reserving space for and/or marketing advertising services, resources, or events for your department, organization, or group).  
  • Establish clear referral processes between CPS and your department, organization, or group (if relevant).
  • Receive Bobcats Who Care (suicide prevention) training, if desired.
  • Be able to request that your CPS Liaison attend your events and programmatic initiatives, as appropriate. 

Please note, CPS Liaisons are not the sole therapist serving students affiliated with your department, organization, or group. Students referred to CPS may work with any CPS therapist.

If you would like to establish a partnership with a CPS Liaison, please contact the Assistant Director for Outreach and Consultation Stephanie Maccombs-Hunter at

Embedded Services

We have collaborated with the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, and the Division of Diversity & Inclusion to create embedded clinicians who work directly in those offices. The embedded clinician in each of these departments provides direct clinical services, as well as outreach programming and consultation services.

If your unit is interested in exploring the possibility of an embedded clinician, please contact our director, Paul Castelino at