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Counseling and Psychological Services - Resources

Support can be accessed through this collection of resources compiled by mental health professionals. Learn more about fostering well-being during your time as a student, and join the conversation through @OHIO_Counseling on Twitter and Bobcat Well-Being on Instagram.

Self-Help Brochures

Counseling and Psychological Services offers brochures on multiple topics and available to students at no cost. 

Some of the topics covered, include:

  • Breaking up 
  • Long distance relationships 
  • Worrying    
  • Irresistible urges
  • Controlling your temper 
  • Perfectionism   
  • Loneliness  
  • Challenging negativity
  • Depression  
  • Procrastination
  • Suicide prevention  
  • Self-confidence
  • Exam panic  
  • Relationships that hurt
  • Jealousy    
  • Friendships gone bad

To request brochures, call the main line: 740.593.1616